12 Days of Holiday Beauty: Side Bun With Some Holiday Sparkle

Photo Source: Glamour.com

Believe it or not, buns are actually very easy to do. Doing a quick bun can help make any outfit look even more glamorous and fun especially when you add a sparkly hair clip. Buns in general are making a comeback so whether you’re doing a classic chignon, ballerina bun, or french twist there are many ways to make it look modern and festive. Some women hate having their hair pulled back (myself included) which is why a side bun is a great way to show off some hair while keeping it off the face. To keep it from looking too awkward or juvenile, make sure the placement of the bun is pulled slightly to the side and lower on the nape of the neck. Also, if you are wearing something asymmetrical place the bun on the side where your shoulder is bare. Step 1: If you’re styling your hair after showering, apply a volumizing mousse at the root of the hair. Finger dry your hair until it is bone dry. Flip your hair upside down to dry it faster and to give you extra volume. If you’re styling from dry, spray a volumizing spray at the root or use a dry shampoo. The side bun will look less severe when it is not pulled so close to the head. Step 2: Curling your hair will make it easier to style into a bun. Wrap 1 inch sections of your hair around a barrel curling iron. This will create a really pretty “s” wave. Make sure the ends are completely curled and not straight. For a quicker solution, put your hair in hot rollers and take them out when your makeup is done. If you don’t have hot rollers, use regular velcro ones and heat with your blow dryer. Use your cool shot to set the curls. Step 3: Once your curls are done, gently finger comb through your curls. Start loosely gathering your hair leaving volume at the top and positioning it to the side. Once you are satisfied with the placement, wrap a hair elastic around like you would a regular pony tail. Take a small section underneath the hair and wrap around to hide the elastic. Secure with two bobbi pins. Step 4: Now it’s time to have fun with your hair. Because your hair is curled, you can roll it anyway you’d like. If you’d like some of the curls to show, pin the majority into a bun leaving some pieces out. If you’d like a more classic round shape, wrap the hair around following in the direction the curl falls. Cross pin until you feel the hair secure. If you like hair around your face, pull a few pieces for a messy, modern feel. Spray with an extra hold hair spray to keep the style secure. Step 5: Add a fun, sparkly hair clip on the bun, to the side of the bun, or just behind your ear. There are a variety of hair clips to choose fun so go with one that compliments your outfit or your personality! Would you do this hairstyle?

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