So soft, snuggly and loved!

Aden & Anais have 2 wonderful PTPA winning products that I had the opportunity of testing within our family and they are now staple products that come everywhere we go. 

Aden & Anais swaddle blanket & issie security blanket

My baby boy is 5 months old and I can finally say he has a special blankie just for him to call his own.  It is easily portable, so soft to the touch and best of all it came in a package of 2, so I can rotate them without worrying about him becoming attached to one single object that may get lost on an outing!   Their Issie  security blankets are quite adorable with chic print.  Read: print that does not offend the eye and is appealing to all ages and that I have no problem bringing it everywhere.  We received the green star print, but I am already thinking of buying the car print to put in his stocking!  The natural cotton muslin is wonderful to the touch and soft to the skin.  It’s delicate and soft on my sons face as we play peek a boo.   With a size of 15″x16″ it is very easy to keep in a wee ones hand and does not take up any space in the diaper bag.   Just look at how cute they are here! The aden & anais bamboo muslin swaddle blankets are just as soft to the touch and enjoyed by our whole family.  These blankets are much larger (47″x47″) these blankets were used to play on, cover up babe, play with and swaddle for when sleeping.  We no longer swaddle our little man now that he has momentum but the size of these blankets are perfect for swaddling a young infant and are so lightweight and breathable.   Check them out on the PTPA website. Check out PTPA Winning Aden & Anais products in action! I look forward to continue using our aden & anais Issie & swaddle blankets for years to come on grocery store trips, holding on to while in the baby carrier, car rides and vacations.

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