Be My Guest…!

I am solely responsible for “making” every memory my family will have together…This is as stressful as hell and quite frankly, I can’t handle the pressure.  Now before you leave your “You need to count your blessings” and “There are bigger issues in the world” comments,  I am aware of all this. I know I am blessed to even have a family and yes, there are WAY bigger issues in the world. But Damn it! This is MY issue and I have just as much right to vent about it as Snookie has to vent about the tanning tax. Because right now, in MY world, to me…this is a big issue.

The pressure has been mounting since I have been trying to plan our first ever family vacation together. I was all excited when my husband gave me the green light to plan away. I quickly scurried (yes I scurry) to my computer to begin my search on where to go. The caribbean looks nice, beach, swim up bar, has Deeva written all over it. However I quickly realize that none of the sites are built for my family, no where is there a drop down menu for 2 adults and 4kids, disappointing to say the least. I am a lover of immediate gratification and wanted to price shop, I want quotes damn it. So I then checked out the “Happiest Place on Earth” , Disney World, after all, the kids would go nuts for it, Mickey rocks! Again the reality of trying to create a magical memory for a large family sets in. I am a stay at home mom so we only have one income and I drink most of that away, so I have to make every dollar count. The flights alone for our family was a ridiculous amount, again I have failed. As I sat at my computer, alone and defeated, it happened… I SNAPPED! I suddenly came to the realization that I plan every single fricken thing that this family ever does. I take every damn picture, send out every stinking invitation, buy and wrap every bloody gift, send every god forsaken holiday card. I’m the tooth fairy, Easter Bunny, Santa Clause, Halloween costume designer and birthday song singer. HOLY SHIT I am a one woman show! How is this fair? It’s like my husband is a “guest” that just shows up (and pays for) all of these fabulous memories I create. I just wanna show up for once, I want to be the guest, I am NEVER the guest. Why am I responsible for all the memories? I refuse to believe it’s because I’m the Mom and that’s what Mom’s do… What a load of horse pucky. I am a person and was a person long before I was a mom, and I am person who likes to be a guest! I know, I know, one day I will be soooo thankful that I made all these memories, I get it. However it’s right now, today, in this moment that I am tired, frustrated, did I say tired, of always being responsible for this. I know I am truly acting like a selfish bitch, but it’s how I am feeling, especially during this time of year and the extra work of  “planning” the family vacation. Being the “Memory Maker” is truly work…just ask me, I’l tell ya. Pass on the Memories…Martini 1 1/2 ounces Vanilla Vodka 1/2 Peppermint Schnapps Shake all ingredients well with ice and strain into a martini glass…You can rim the glass with icing sugar or crushed mints/candy canes for a more festive touch…

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