12 Days of Holiday Beauty: Gimme Big Bold Lashes!

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Have you ever wondered why women in movies or on TV (some in real life) flutter their eyes to grab the attention of that special someone? The flutter of the lashes are an invitation to her world. Want to be the focus at every holiday gathering? Go big, go bold with your lashes. If you weren’t born with naturally long and lush lashes, do not fear because the beauty market is saturated with products just for your lashes. Curl them, apply your most volumizing and lengthening mascara, apply some falsies, or look into lash enhancing treatments which I have a hunch will be big in 2011 (wink). Whatever you decide, the goal is to make those peepers pop! Be daring and make those lashes stand out even more with a glittery mascara. Coloured mascaras are also fun and festive around this time of the year. Cobalt blue and purple mascaras will really enhance the colour of your eyes and make the whites of your eyes brighter. No matter what the trend of the moment is, big lashes go with everything and never go out of style! How do you get your lashes to stand out?

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