When High Schoolers Attack

There is a story out of DeSoto County, FL basketball player who attacked a referee during a basketball game.   The young man was assessed a technical foul after shoving an opponent after said opponent made a free throw.  After watching the video, he indeed deserved the technical.  He apparently didn’t think so and decided to first shove the ref, but the ref didn’t go down, so he went after him, grabbed him, and threw him to the floor.  He was immediately restrained.   Watch the video of the incident here http://msn.foxsports.com/other/story/Florida-High-school-basketball-player-attacks-referee-during-game-121410 My husband also referees high school basketball here in Iowa.  Needless to say, there have been games that have gotten pretty heated, but most high school students are very respectful of the officials.  The parents, on the other hand, tend to give my husband and his crew the most concern.  They have had several games where they feared for their personal safety walking to the parking lot, because the crowd was so ill tempered and rowdy.   Has it really come to this?  That referees have to be fearful while doing their jobs?  Now, it’s not just rowdy fans, but the players who are on the attack?  Could this be a one time incident or a scary trend?  It makes me wonder how his parents handled this situation.  He has obviously been suspended from school and is no longer a part of the basketball team.  Do you think that is enough punishment?  What would you do in his parents shoes?

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