Now days celebrities are pimping products more than ever. Not that long ago, endorsing  a product was only for D list celebrities and usually a last ditch effort to either pay off the tax man or stimulate your career. A prime example of this may be Hulk Hogan’s “Pastamania”, oh now that was a good infomercial. It was not quite as tabu for sports figures or athletes to endorse a product. Let’s not forget that all coveted Wheaties Box. Today celebrities try and take it a step further and not just lend their name to the product but attempt to “create” it as well. It’s all about being hands on in the creative process and growing the product organically…Bla bla bla bla…It’s all about dollars and cents and growing their brand, and hell there’s nothing wrong with that. Just don’t feed us the line of bull and expect us to buy just because of who you are. Above all make sure what ever it is your pimping fits your “image”, or what you want your “image” to be. Exhibit A- Justine Bieber is now endorsing a line of nail polish from OPI. Yes, when ever I think nail polish I automatically get Bieber Fever. Exhibit B- Lenny Kravitz has a line of wall paper. Well there is a natural marriage of image and brand. Hot sexy rock’n roll star and wall coverings, honestly, why didn’t Ozzy Osborne think of this?  I think my favourite of all is the Sylvester Stallone pudding, yup pudding. It’s a low carb , high protein pudding so I get the whole physical , training thing. But pudding? Really? Can’t you just do a shitty tasting energy bar like everyone else. It has since been discontinued, a shock to all I am sure. There are a few brands that I think are fun and fitting, not enough to make me fork out the inflated prices for them mind you. Mariah Carey has a line of champagne called Angel. The bottle is blingy and platinum coloured. As ridiculous as the whole thing is, it fits her brand perfectly and at least she didn’t call it butterfly. Alanis Morrisette and Woody Harrelson have hooked up and developed a company that makes recycled jeans. Reco Denim uses 60% recycled fabric in their product. The jeans look cool and the prices are not stupid crazy. Let’s not forget David Beckham and Armani underwear…Need I say more… Do you buy a certain product because your favourite celebrity endorses it? George Clooney is my fave as some of you know…If he made, well anything, I am sure I would give it a whirl. Buy Me..Martini…   1  ounce of Vodka 1 ounce Pama Pomegranate Liqueur 2 ounces Blood orange juice Shake well with ice and strain into a martini glass…Garnish with fresh fruit of your choice. DECEMBER SCAVENGER HUNT ALERT! TELL US YOUR FAVORITE CELEBRITY-ENDORSED PRODUCT AND YOU COULD WIN A SKINFREE SET OF THEIR 4 TOP PRODUCTS!

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