12 Days of Christmas…Deeva Style…

Christmas is a time for giving,  compassion and loving thy fellow man. It is also a magical time of the year and I am a lover of magic. So…as I was wrapping one night, thinking about how much the kids will love their treasures from Santa on Christmas morning and I got to thinking. If I could open ANYTHING I wanted Christmas morning what would it be? World Peace and all that aside, if I could put something FABULOUS and Divine for myself under the tree, what would I want. So I did what I do best, and I made a list., and quite frankly I firmly believe that these NEED to be PTPA approved and I will take one for the team and test them ALL myself. Here are the 12 Days of Christmas…DEEVA Style.. Day 1. Diva Vodka – Need I say more… Day 2. Shoes- Specifically these shoes… I think these need to be Parent Tested and Parent Approved. Day 3. Dip myself in a FOUNTAIN OF WINE…Check out these extravegant spa treatments…#4 Please! Followed by a #3… Day 4. A Deeva worthy Wine Cellar…in my Kitchen Floor !!! I so give it the PTPA seal of approval. Day 5. I want to have Cocktails with George Clooney at the Vertigo Moon Bar in Bangkok. I was REALLY REALLY good this year. Day 6. A new closet, and I would LIVE in it. ALONE. Day 7. 2 weeks here…all expenses paid with my lover… Day 8. A never ending supply of this…and it has to be eaten here, and you know you want to join me. Day 9. A song and dance number with the cast of GLEE! Day 10. Cooking lessons from this guyDay 11. This purse…ah hell, in two colours. Who doesn’t like options. Day 12. The Kitchen Sink…well Bar sink really… I could of used about 15 more days of Christmas, so many pretty things. So world peace, family health and all the good will stuff aside. If you could sit on Santa’s knee ( in a non old creepy man) way, what would you ask for? Slushy Santa… 1 ounce Hpnotiq 1 ounce Grapefruit Vodka 2 ounces white peach juice Rim martini glass with icing sugar, pour in all ingredients and top with crush or shaved ice. Garnish with frozen cranberries. Serve with a spoon and a straw so you don’t waste a drop. Cheers

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