12 Days of Holiday Beauty: Side Pinned Wavy Hair

Photo Credit: InStyle.com

Nothing says party hair then a head of beautiful wavy curls. This is one look I do often when I’m stepping out to a special event. You’ll want to start with lots of volume in the hair. The key to making this hair less cute and more Victoria Secret-esque is to do big curls. Apply a volumizing spray or mousse to the root of the hair and blow dry the root up if styling from wet. You can use your hands to direct the hair up. Once the hair is completely dry, wrap 1 inch sections of your hair around a big barrel curling iron. Always curl your hair away from the face unless you’re going for Old Hollywood. Curling away from the face makes it look more modern and up-t0-date. If your hair doesn’t hold a curl too well, use a light hold hairspray and spray as you go. If you have straight bangs you’ll want to curl your bangs away from your head as well. You want to avoid looking like you have to different hair styles. If you don’t have a big barrel iron, use your small one and at the end brush out your curls to make them look big and bouncy. Once your hair is completely curled, pin one side up. Be creative and add a twist to the hair and secure with a sparkly hair brooch. When you are satisfied with the look, spray all over with an extra hold hair spray. What’s your go-to party hair style?

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