My Christmas Tradition

I can’t believe it is already Christmas Eve day, where has this year gone? My family and I normally go to Edmonton for Christmas to spend the holiday with my husband’s family but this year we decided to stay home. We find traveling at Christmas stressful and enjoy going home much more in the summer when it is warm! I wanted to share our Christmas tradition with you. On Christmas morning we wake up and open up our stockings. We wrap each and every gift in the stocking. Yes, it takes hours to do but it is so worth it! It is fun taking the time to unwrap all the little gifts. We always try to guess what’s in each one before we open it. We also take turns, first my daughter will open one, then I will, then my husband and back again. It takes a good hour or more to open. This is my favorite part about Christmas. I hate when everyone opens their gifts all at once and no one sees what each other got. Then it is over too fast. After we unwrap our stockings we take a break for breakfast. We always have crepes (really thin pancake type things that you can put syrup, jam, cottage cheese or whatever you like in them). We have had crepes ever year since I was a kid and I want to carry on that tradition for my kids. I’ll include the recipe for you at the end of this post so you can try it during the holidays if you want. After we have our crepes we go back and open the big presents. We each take turns so that we can see what everyone got. We try to make the gift opening last as long as it can. I am really looking forward to our Christmas morning tomorrow! What is your Christmas tradition? Crepe recipe: I am going to preface this recipe with saying that this is probably not the traditional French way to make crepes. BUT it is a very easy (and yummy) way to make crepes. I use a blender because it is super easy. In the blender add: 2 eggs 3/4 cups of milk 3 tablespoons melted butter 3 tablespoons white sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla Turn the blender on and mix all of these ingredients together. While the blender is running add 1 cup of four The batter should be about the consistency of gravy, maybe slightly thicker. You have to make sure your frying pan is very hot, this is an important key. Crepes cook very fast. When your pan is hot add some butter (you can add oil if you’d like but I love the flavor of butter!) Grab the handle of your frying pan and pour a little bit of the batter in one corner of the pan. Quickly move the pan around so that the batter covers the whole bottom of the pan. It should be very flat, if it seems thick you can simply add a little bit more water. When the top of the crepe looks dry and the sides turn a little brown then flip it over in the pan and let it cook for a couple of seconds on the other side. The first crepe doesn’t usually turn out nicely, I normally eat this one while I’m cooking the rest 🙂 You can put syrup, jam, cottage cheese or whatever filling you can think of. Lay the crepe out flat on a plate, add your topping and roll it up into a log. Cut it in pieces and enjoy! I wish you and your family happy holidays. Laura Berg Founder, My Smart Hands, ‘educating young minds’

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