What now? 7-10 months

By 7 months your toddler has likely learned to use the tongue, began getting nourishment from the food that wasn’t stuck to the wall, floor and table and has gained a repertoire of mostly fruits and vegetables while ruling out any allergies.  I recently heard about a wicked bum rash resulting from spinach, it took 3 tries before the parents…

Watch out for “mompetition”

One of the first things I noticed as a new mom is the atmosphere of competition that often exists among parents. It begins a few innocent comments on the size of your baby bump compared to other moms (bigger/smaller/pointier/rounder…), turns into comparing the size/weight/length of your baby, and eventually becomes endless questions on when your baby first sat up/crawled/walked/talked. It…

Get Up And DANCE!!

If your kids are anything like mine then they love to dance. I absolutely love the way toddlers dance! My son, now 17 months, loves to boogie to the music, he is always asking for the CD player to be turned on so he and his sister can dance. We taught him the sign ‘dance’ as soon as he started…

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