The holiday season is a crazy busy time of year, but it is also a fun party season. It’s an opportunity to go to some parties, meet new people and have some festive fun. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t go to many parties. It is tough with 4 kids, especially since 2 of the 4 are still quite young. I also go to parties for work, I know boo hoo me, because of this, I enjoy staying home. This season however I did venture out to a social gathering with a very good friend of mine. We were going to a house party of a woman she knew through work, I knew no one except for my friend. Keep this in mind as you read on… I was meeting everyone else for the very first time. As we arrive we go through the usually routine, grab a drink (or 2), go through the introductions. This part is always my least favourite, I never remember anyone’s name and when I talk to them later in the evening I feel like I am expected to remember…Too much pressure! I would rather mingle and meet everyone on my own instead of the awkward quasi receiving line. The evening wears on and the foods good as is the wine so I am in my happy place, giving the food table a light hazing. A women suddenly appears out of no where and loudly exclaims “I know you! Your that cocktail lady.” I smile and say yes and we move to the side and start having a conversation.  We chat about work, kids, where we live, how we know my friend. In all this chit chat I mention that I am worn out from the holidays, and the words have barely left my lips and the women is rummaging through her purse as if it was Mary Poppins Magic Carpet Bag. hen out pops her head with a tiny silver box in her hand and as if it was a pack of breath mints, she asks me straight faced, “Would you like an upper?” WTF? An upper? I don’t even know what that is! So, I ask! Turns out it was her kids ADHD medication, NO LIE. I felt like I was now in an episode of Desperate Housewives. What baffled me even further was that she was explaining this too me as if it was no big deal. Like we were sharing a yummy casserole recipe or hair care secrets. Is this woman for real? We just met, I could be anybody and she is literally “bragging” on how she has her sons doctors fooled and how she “scores” her meds. Gobsmacked after my encounter with the pill pusher, I return to my friends side and of course, TELL HER EVERYTHING! Turns out she knows, as does everyone else in the room. .It turns out that most of them are also “ON” something. My friend goes through the room referring to them by their drug of choice as if they were all wearing it on names tags. Once again I am there with my chin in my lap in disbelief. How can so many “normal” looking women be “script junkies”, a term I learned that evening. Am I naive? Is this common place now days? Is a prescription bottle in your Coach bag the new must have accessory? In case you were wondering, I JUST SAID NO… Drug Free Me…Martini… 2 oz gin 1 tbsp dry vermouth 2 tbsp olive juice

1 olive

Add all ingredients to a shake with 1 ice cube. Shake light;y and strain into a martini glass, garnish with olive. Cheers

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