Beauty Resolution 2011: A Bright and Daring Future Ahead!

Happy New Year! Yes, we’re 10 days into the new year and I’ll admit – I needed an extra week to recover from the busy yet blissful holiday. Plus, it didn’t help that I was feeling a little under the weather but I’m back and looking forward to another year full of beauty! “Beauty resolutions” seem to be all the buzz in the beauty world. Rather than the typical goal of losing weight and eating better, why not be a little more daring and creative with beauty and everything else in your life? If you’ve been in a beauty rut, then 2011 is definitely the year to try something out of the norm. This year’s Spring/Summer trends are definitely brighter and bolder but I’ll tell you how you can make the trends work for you! Dare to be Bright.

Bright neon pink lips at DVF S/S 2011 –

Ok, like the classic red lip bright pink lips seem to be sticking around and I for one am happy about it! The only difference with Spring’s pink lip versus Winter’s pink is that it’s brighter – neon! I know, too bold right especially for us moms? The way to wear a bold shade is to keep the skin bare with just a hint of highlighter in the inner corner and a swipe of mascara. Bright pink lips actually works for all skin tones and brightens up the face instantly. Wearing a full neon pink lip might be too eye-catching especially for those play dates. Opt for a bright pink lip stain worn with a swipe of lip balm to keep those lips soft or try a sheer neon pink gloss. Pink doesn’t just have to be worn on the lips – dust a sheer bright pink blush on the apples of the cheeks for some youthful colour.

Bright eyes at Dior S/S 2011 –

Some things should only be appropriate for gals in their 20’s, but with sheer formulations and coloured liners wearing a bright eye doesn’t have to be a thing of the past. A little bit of colour on the eyes can really perk up your look and is fun! To turn it down 20 notches, choose a bright shadow in turquoise, purple, pink or blue with a sheer texture. If the idea of applying a bright shade all across the lid does not jive with you, line the eyes with a coloured liner instead. It’s a more subtle way to show a hint of colour. To balance bright eyes, where a sheer but bright shade on the lips as well. No need for blush! Dare to Re-invent yourself.

Platinum blond fringe at Balmain S/S 2011 –

Nothing says a new you in a new year than a new hair colour and cut. Sometimes all you need to transform your regular hair style is to add a fringe. Go all across especially if you want to minimize a high forehead or side swept bangs to slim a round face. Chunky or noticeable highlights are out-dated. It’s all about colour that looks more natural and thinner highlights or low lights that add dimension to the hair.

Clipped hair at Carolina Herrara S/S 2011 –

Pony tails and moms just go hand in hand. Instead of throwing your hair back with a plain old hair elastic, why not clip your hair with a few chunky barrettes? Mixing textures together will add some interest to an otherwise easy hair style. Chunky wooden barrettes will go with the season’s neutrals and boho flowy pieces.

There are many trendy looks to choose from. Just remember not to mix too many trends together in one look! So whether you’re the kind of gal who loves to paint the town red, a professional, or anything in between, we’re all a blank canvas when we wake up in the morning. I challenge you all to be daring and creative in 2011, and turn over a new beauty leaf!
What’s your beauty resolution? What new look will you be daring enough to try?

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