So…I’m turning 40 this year…and I am REALLY excited about it! Why is that, why is turning 40 now days so much cooler than when my mom turned 40? I don’t remember my mother saying or doing anything about 40th birthday. Celebrating or making a big deal about things is not my mothers forte. Me on the other hand, I’M TELLING EVERYONE !!! Let’s get this party started… I have decided this is the YEAR OF 40 for me…why not…If the Chinese calendar  has the year of the pig, rat or monkey, I sure as hell can have the year of 40. I always preach about celebrating every moment of success no mater how big or small, this is most important with yourself. After all, I plan everything else for everyone else, it’s time I plan some FABULOUS’NESS for me. Doesn’t have to be anything big or fancy, just when I want a treat or to do something that does not involve feeding, clothing, bathing or driving children around, I am not going to think twice about it. Being a mother and wife is all about being selfless and giving 24/7. I have been doing this for over 14 years, I think I have worked up at least 365 me days, not the whole day, just one little precious part of it…for ME. I was so excited by the thought of this I didn’t know what to do first. That was until I remembered the last piece of chocolate raspberry cheesecake was still in the fridge. And that was it, eating that last piece of delicious cake was the beginning of the “YEAR OF ME!”. Oh how bathos and selfish does that sound??? Oh well, I’m over it, bring it on! And this year I am getting a cake damn it…If I have to bake it myself! Cheers

Pink Promise … 1 oz Raspberry Vodka ½ oz pineapple juice ½ oz white cranberry juice Splash of lime juice 1-2 Raspberries YELLOWGLEN PINK Muddle the raspberries in the bottom of a martini glass. Combine the raspberry vodka, Cointreau , pineapple juice, cranberry juice and lime juice in a shaker with ice. Shake and strain into glass. Top with Pink sparkling wine. Garnish with a sprig of mint.

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