Get Up And DANCE!!

If your kids are anything like mine then they love to dance. I absolutely love the way toddlers dance! My son, now 17 months, loves to boogie to the music, he is always asking for the CD player to be turned on so he and his sister can dance. We taught him the sign ‘dance’ as soon as he started showing interest. He will now always make the sign whenever he wants us to turn on the music. The cutest thing happened with my son at a friends house. We were in her living room and my son kept pointing at her cabinet and wanting me to get something for him. I kept grabbing him books and I’d get a firm ‘NO’ each time. I then said to him, show me the sign for what you want, and he signed ‘dance’. I looked harder at the cabinet and saw behind tinted glass my friend’s CD player! I didn’t see it at first because the glass is a little dark. I’m surprised my son was able to see it. Thankfully we taught him the sign for what he loves to do so he could easily tell us what he wanted! This is why I’ve picked the sign DANCE to be this week’s ‘sign of the week’ So why don’t you go throw on some music and boogie with your baby. As you are dancing be sure to make the sign for ‘dance’ and say the word as you are doing it. Do you have any fun signing stories that you’d like to share? Leave them in the comment section! I’m looking forward to reading them. If you are in Canada and are a fan of CBCs Dragon’s Den then be sure to tune in this Wednesday, Jan. 19th to see me pitch My Smart Hands to the Dragons! Laura Berg Founder, My Smart Hands @MySmartHands on Twitter

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