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It is really easy to put on your bear suit…(faux fur of course…) and hibernate for the winter. Thoughts of entertaining and getting together are usually reserved for summer fun. However, a frosty mid-winter gathering is the best time to play host. Why you ask? To be frank, you don’t have to set the bar so high. I am all about not stressing on having to try and “out do” all those fabulous spring flings, summer garden parties and BBQ get together. No one has parties in the winter, after the festive season is over. Think how excited your guests will be when they receive your invitation…Places to go..people to see…Cocktails to drink…

So because of these fabulous lowered expectations, keep it simple. Host a casual get together that is as enjoyable for you as it is for your guests. Here are a few ideas to help you throw a winter wow party. You don’t have to break the bank. Instead of a formal, costly affair, host a simple wine tasting party with a cheese tray or two. Have your guests bring a bottle of their favourite liquid grapes to the party to cut costs. Tip- Have some recipe cards available so guests can write sown the names of wines that take a liking too… If your planning to have a bar for your party, don’t try to please everyone. Don’t spend your money and time buying bottles that will sit in your liquor cabinet for ages. Red and white wine, 1 type of beer and a signature cocktail..Done…If a guest is not happy with what your serving, then you might want to re-think your guest list… COMFORT FOODS- A mid-winter party is the best time to pull out some great classics. A table filled with fabulous finger foods is truly a feast for the eyes. I don’t usually endorse…But M&M’s rocks in this category…(Crispy Garlic Pork and personal fave). They have so much variety and their prices are really great. They also offer a party menu that allows you to match items that have the same cook time and temperature, so FABULOUS…This is also a great time to fill your slow cooker with a great pot of chili… Ambiance is the key to making things look better than they really are…this is my own personal philosophy. Movie trailers are famous for using this technique, “Punch Drunk Love” need I say more… So if your hosting an evening party don’t fuss over getting every mite of dust. Dim the lights, put a roar in the fireplace and light a ton of candles. Candle light is everyones friend and is very forgiving on a missed dust bunny here and there. It also does wonders for crows feet and double chins. Guest list…this may sound simple and well…it is. I am a firm believer that one should only spend time with those whom one truly enjoys. This is why I myself spends so much time with George Clooney, I enjoy him. It’s winter, it’s cold, dark and honestly…depressing as hell. So be sure to invite people that you actually want to talk to and spend time with. There is no “HAVE TO” when it comes to sharing your time with others, it should always be “WANT TO”…Life is short…so wear fabulous heels… Mid Winter Madness Punch… 10 ounces Vodka 4 ounces Triple Sec 5 ounces Raspberry Liqueur 2 L Blueberry Juice 1 small tin pineapple juice Make this fun punch up well before hand to save time. Add orange slices and fresh blueberries to the bowl. Be sure to have lots of ice for your guests and enjoy…Cheers

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