Snow Day Activities for the Kids

Sledding fun I live in the Midwest and the “Mother-of-All-Storms” has blown into town. They have already cancelled school for tomorrow. Kids love Snow Days but they can be stressful for Mom when the kids are already bored by 10 a.m. So, here are some tried and true ideas for keeping the whole family smiling and having fun on a Mother Nature mandated play day. 1. Make Valentine’s Day Cards. Everyone loves a handmade Valentine’s Day Card, especially Grandma and Grandpa. Get a head start on the Holiday and give the kids some construction paper, lace, glitter, stickers and whatever else inspires them to create a masterpiece of love. 2. Movie Marathon. Let the kids stay in their pajamas and pick a theme for a movie marathon or let each member of the family pick a movie. Pop popcorn, bake cookies, or set up an ice cream sundae bar for some extra special movie treats. 3. Bake Cookies. Let each child choose their favorite cookie recipe and have fun in the kitchen baking together. Since tomorrow is also Groundhog Day, check out my post on Celebrate Groundhog’s Day with the Kids. There are some fun recipes to bake with the kids. Cat Tea Party 4. Host a Tea Party. Get out your pretty hats, scarves, jewelry, tea set, fancy napkins, and invite your child’s friends or stuffed animal friends to join you for a spot of tea. Have your kids decorate the table and serve cookies and “tea” aka root beer for the kids. By the way, here’s how to choose the perfect kids tea set. 5. Puzzles, Games, or Art Kits. This is the perfect day to “rediscover” some games, puzzles, or art or model kits that have been sitting in the closet ignored. Clear a space for the kids at a table and bring out these forgotten items which will seem like new gifts to the kids. 6. Go sledding! This is the perfect time to go out and play in the snow. Go sledding, make a fort, or build the ultimate snow creature. What is your “go to” activity on Snow Day?

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