Valentine’s Day Advice from the Blogaholics: Scavenger Hunt Winner

  It’s that time of year again when everyone is thinking of something special to do to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  While there are many traditions for couples that we are all familiar with, to me Valentine’s Day isn’t just about romantic love, it’s a day to celebrate all the many people that bring us joy throughout the year. So, I thought we would do something a little different and share some truly inspired ways to celebrate all the loves in your life this year – and create some traditions for you and your family.   Get Crafty – String together red hearts on ribbon with each heart sharing qualities you love about the other person by writing it or colouring on each heart.  Amanda DeGrace of Mail Call – Buy or make mailboxes for each member of the family and write each other letters throughout the month using special papers, cards, or stationery.  This is a great way to practice letters, to teach children the importance of handwritten notes from loved ones, and to tell each other that you appreciate all that they do as well as well as give you some great {heart melting} additions to your child’s scrapbook or memory box.  Leanne Heilman of Tasty Treats – Chocolate is good for you.  As with everything in life, there is a catch!  Only dark chocolate (70 percent cocoa), shows health benefits, so banish the drugstore chocolate bars and bring on the good stuff!  One of the ways that I get my chocolate fix without all the caloric impact is to make hot cocoa, but not just any hot cocoa.  You want a can of cocoa powder that has only one ingredient: Cocoa!  Theresa Albert of Love Notes – Help your kids write {or draw} special letters for their grandparents or special relatives to send in the mail.  Not only will it make your recipient’s day, it’s also a great way to stay connected even if you can’t get together to celebrate the holiday.  Leanne Heilman of A Dinner In – Instead of going out for a fancy dinner and having to find and pay for babysitters, fight the crowds and pay for overpriced food, my husband and I make a special dinner at home.  We each pick a new recipe that calls for fun ingredients or a special new kitchen gadget and then give it to each other as a gift so we make dinner as a family.  Not only is it extra fun to cook something new and exciting, it’s a lot cheaper than a gourmet dinner – even with the extra ingredients or new kitchen tools and the best part is we can use them again and again throughout the year!  Leanne Heilman of Treats for Everyone! –  I get some little things for my girls and something nice for my hubby and we get take out, which is a treat around here…yum!!  Kimberly Lee Dougherty, PTPA member Love Tokens – Don’t underestimate the power of surprising your children with a little token of love.  Last year, my husband created a heart out of flower petals on the counter so my daughter saw it when she came down for breakfast before school.  It doesn’t take much to help them walk on air and best of all, you get to walk up there with them.  Sue Kirchner of Simple but Special – Growing up, my mom always used to get us a valentines balloon which was held down with our favorite candy and a card.  Now, I’m doing the same for my son.  Kristin Phillips, PTPA Member Decorate with Love – Have your kids help you cover the table in a red table cloth, sprinkle hearts, red flowers, candles and fancy napkins!  Even if you decide on a family favourite of pizza that night, it will be done with some special pizzazz!  Then the table is already decorated for when the kids go to bed and you and your partner have a lovely dinner together!  Amanda DeGrace of The Gift of Literature – Every Valentine’s Day my father would get me a book which he inscribed on the cover “Happy Valentine’s Day to my darling daughter” and then would put the date.  These books were not necessarily Valentine’s Day related, but rather a way to build my library.  I have been doing the same thing with my daughters since they were born and will continue this tradition for many years to come!  Lindsay Harris of Flower Power – Every year, my husband buys my daughter a single rose on Valentine’s Day. It’s his way of reminding her that he loves her. This small token is huge for her. When she gets the flower she is beyond elated.  We started this tradition when she was three. One year, my husband had to travel for work and miss Valentine’s Day.  I bought her one red rose and gave it to her when I picked her up from daycare. I told her it was from Daddy and that he was sorry he couldn’t be with his little valentine that day.  Before we went home, she showed every teacher, every student and every toy that looked like it had ears that her Daddy had given her a rose.  Sue Kirchner of Love in any Language –  Teach your kids how to say this important phrase in another verbal language or how about in Sign Language?  Not only does this inspire your child to learn the languages of the world, it can also be a fun thing to record your child doing each year!   Watch this video with Blogaholic Laura Berg from the PTPA winning My Smart Hands and now you have an unspoken way to tell each other just how you feel! Congratulations to Kellee (comment #10)!  Please email to arrange for your awesome prize!  COMMENT BELOW WITH YOUR TRADITIONS AND YOU COULD WIN A PTPA AWARD WINNING IDEAPAINT 40FT HOME KIT!

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