Mommies Are Sexy Too!

I think motherhood is sexy. We do it all and we do it well. We may not always look our best while doing mommy things, so having a day like Valentine’s Day to get all dolled up is in order! How many of you really celebrate V-Day? For me, the only thing I love about it is the heart-shaped chocolates! My husband and I don’t go all out like we used to now that we’re married – not to say that we don’t have any romance – but we don’t need one day to show how much we love each other because we show each other everyday. Go ahead and gag but we really do! I do, however, love to make it fun for my son. So, it will be heart-shaped cookies and cupcakes for him (who am I kidding – and for me too!).

If you still love wooing your special someone or looking to lock hearts, you’ll need to decide if you want to look flirty, girly or seductive (or all 3)!
Flirty Girl:
A flutter of the lashes can get any guy all hot and bothered! However, you might not get the same reaction if your lashes are close to non-existent. Give your lashes a boost with some flirty falsies. I think feathery looking lashes are super sexy and flirty and also really natural looking. The separated style also makes it ideal for creating a customized look. Cut in half and just add to the corners for a Marilyn-esque vibe. The separation of the lashes also allow your individual lashes to mix in with the fake lashes. For a step-by-step on how to apply lashes check out a past post here.
Girly Girl:

Actress Kristen Bell

Nothing makes a gal look more girly than a youthful pink flush on the cheeks. I really love Kristen Bell’s pink cheeks in this photo. It just looks so fresh and pretty. I love to layer liquid and cream blushes underneath a powder blush. Your blush lasts longer and pumps up a sheer blush. Some liquid blushes double as a stain so if you’ll be doin’ a little smoochin’ kiss away!
Seductive Girl:
With red, pouty lips like these it’ll be hard for him to focus on anything else. When I wear a red lip, I instantly feel more confident and sexy. If you’ve never worn a red lip before, but are contemplating taking the plunge this V-Day you might want to work your way up to full bold lip.
My lips are typically on the drier side and most long-lasting lip colours can be a bit drying. Lip stains with a gloss finish bring the best of both worlds together! Can’t get any more perfect than that! These fabulous lip stains usually apply sheer at first but layer a few more swipes and you get full-colour glossy goodness! After the shine wears off, you’ll still have a beautiful stain left on your lips.
If you love a full, rich lip colour just remember line your lips first and apply your lip colour with a lip brush for precise application. Dab excess colour off with a tissue and your colour will not kiss off all night. Combine the red lips, pink girly cheeks, and flirty lashes for true glamour this V-Day or go for some hot come-hither smokey eyes! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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