Valentine’s Day Tips for New Parents

1. Spend time with your partner – Even if you’re in the first year of parenthood and still adjusting to the craziness of it all, make the time for your spouse. You can find a babysitter and go for a nice dinner together, order your favourite take-out to enjoy at home by candlelight or indulge in your favourite dessert together in bed once the baby is fast asleep. Spending that time as a couple will re-invigorate your relationship and give yourself some well-deserved pampering. 2. Make V-day special for your child – Though Valentine’s Day is traditionally about romance, change it up and make it about loving your child. I remember when my parents surprised my sister and I with potted flowers for Valentine’s day. I felt so loved! 🙂 Spend some quality time as a family making homemade Valentine cards or baking heart cookies to make the holiday special for the little one too. 3) Re-think the gift– Instead of the usual roses and chocolates for her and socks and underwear for him, consider giving her a spa day and giving him a custom photo mosaic mug of his new baby. Perhaps throw in a gift card to his favourite overpriced coffee shop to help keep him awake at work after those late nights. Whatever you do, make a point to make the day special for your family and start some family traditions of your own!

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