3 Million and Counting!

When my daughter was twelve months she was a signing machine. She knew over 30 signs and was picking more and more up everyday. We often ran into people who were always amazed to see this little baby signing. Most of them had heard of baby signing but few had actually seen it in real life. After running into countless people who had the same reaction I decided to post a video of my daughter on You Tube. I wanted to show other people what babies are capable of when given the right tools. I never imagined what a positive effect this video would have on so many people. I have had parents, grandparents, speech pathologists, doctors, teachers and professors email me about baby signing. This video is shown in many child development classes across North America. I have had students email me telling me they’ve seen this video in their classes. I love the fact that You Tube exists and that I could share my child’s signing development with so many. And today this video has hit 3 million views! I wanted to share this with you all, the readers of the PTPA blog as you are the best and most supportive readers and I know you will share in my excitement of this milestone! I can’t wait to post again when it’s reached 4 million! The American Pediatric Society just came out with a formal stance that they support the use of baby signing. It is not a fad, it is here to stay and it is a very valid form of communication that is very easy for parents to use! If you can teach your child to wave bye-bye then you can teach them how to sign! Laura Berg Founder & President My Smart Hands, ‘educating young minds’

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