Learn Your ASL ABCs!

My daughter, Fireese, loved learning the ASL ABCs at a very early age. She could identify the sign language letters before she could the written ones. This made it much easier for her to learn to identify the written ones because I could prompt her by showing her the ASL letter. I found that this was a great (quiet) game to play with her when we were at restaurants and other places where I needed to keep her attention. We would first play the letter guessing game. I would hold up a letter and she would guess what it was and then she would and I would guess. When she got a bit older we would then put three letters together and she would sound them out to spell a word. The great part about this game is you always have it with you because all you need is your hands to play. Try teaching your child the ASL ABCs. You can learn along with Fireese and me. Laura Berg Founder & President My Smart Hands, ‘educating young minds’

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