Spring Break Staycation Ideas

Staying close to home for Spring Break this year? There are plenty of ways to have fun with your family during the vacation time with a little creativity and planning. Be careful, your kids may ask to stay home every year. Here are family fun ideas for your Spring Break: 1. Camping in the Great Indoors – Although we’ve all seen signs of Spring, it’s still cold outside. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have some “outdoorsy” fun. Why not camp indoors for some unusual fun? You can make s’mores in the fireplace or over the stove top, sleep in a tent and sleeping bag, and stay up telling stories by flashlight – all in the comfort of your own home. 2. Rediscover your City – Act like a tourist and take some time to visit or revisit your local Museums and tourist attractions. Make a list of all the new restaurants you’ve been dying to try and savor some local fare. 3. Indoor Water Parks – You don’t have to go to the beach to get those swimsuits out. Head on over to some of the local area water parks for the day. 4. A Day in the Kitchen – Spend some time cooking in the kitchen together as a family. Make homemade pizza, bake everyone’s favorite cookies, or pick another country or state you would have like to visit for Spring Break and cook some of the local food from that place. Cooking together is a wonderful way to spend the day – picking recipes, shopping for ingredients and then talking and eating together. 5. Wii Olympics – Let your competitive side take over and host a Wii Olympics tournament one day or every day of Spring Break. Each day pick a different “sport” and see who’s the best in the family. Invite friends, neighbors, and family members to compete. Make homemade medals and have a mock ceremony to honor the champion. 6. Make Your Own Toy Story. Have a flip camera? Then why not make a funny video with your kids? Think of the globetrotting gnome in the movie Amelie, for inspiration. Have your kids take one of their favorite toys or stuffed animals and film them in funny situations around your neighborhood. If you don’t have a flip camera, just use a camera and create a photo montage. 7. Get your craft on and make Easter decorations. Easter is very late this year so you have a little more time to get prepared. Use your week off to make Easter baskets, dye Easter eggs, or any other Holiday inspired crafts. Here’s a post with links to sites that have some good Easter craft ideas. Most important have fun during Spring Break. Do things out of the norm. Get our your planner and pick which days to do something special or plan a “treat” for every day of the week. Enjoy! What are your fun plans for a Spring Break Staycation?

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