TIME for March Break!!

I actually look forward to Christmas break, March break and Summer break . . . I enjoy spending empty days at home with my kids (and not making school lunches!).

We have fun together . . . well, in my romantic memory we have fun together . . . they play DS and I tweet, they play Wii and I blog, they play school and I make snacks, they play cards and I make doctors appointments …then I drive them to an activity and a friends house!

This March break I am doing things a bit different.  I am planning nothing.

No camps, no playdates, no activities, . . . . cause the fact is, we are entirely too busy the other 360 days of the year!!

The days when anyone in this house can sloth around in their pj’s til noon only happens a handful of times.  With 3 kids and school, dance, soccer, swimming, skiing, skating, guitar, piano, cheerleading, friends, birthday parties, and a million other events that happen with every family – we feel like we are NEVER home!

So we are staying home and I am giving my kids what they really really want from Mom . . . . TIME.

This March break my kids are going to get my time. Yes, I spend oodles of time driving them to all the activities and I skate, ski and swim with them but still, I know my kids want to play Monopoly and Go Fish with me, Barbies and playdough with me, they want me to paint and colour and play school.  They want to bake in their Easy Bake and have me sit and listen to them practice piano and guitar.

They want my undivided attention and this March Break they are going to get it!

If they want to go swimming, then we will.  If they want to go to a movie then we will, if they want to bake cookies, then we will and if by Tuesday they all want to go to their friends house for a playdate, then they will!!

Now that my kids are 5,7, and 9 I am betting I only have a few years left that they will actually want to spend March break with Mom.  I’m going to see how long we can last in perfect harmony in our pj’s this March break before we all tire of our “time” together and start packing in activities to race to!! I’ll let you know how it turns out!!


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