Tips to Make Spring Break Travel a Breeze

There is nothing more exciting than embarking on a family vacation. Spring Break is a the perfect time to get out of Dodge and have a little fun. However, getting the family ready for a trip can make you feel like you need a vacation from planning your vacation. Whether you are headed to an exciting destination or just taking a road trip to visit Grandma and Grandpa, we’ll share a few tips to make the prep work less stressful. 1. Conduct a mock packing session a week or two before you go to see what needs to be purchased or washed. That way you won’t be doing laundry until 2 a.m. or running to the store to grab a swimsuit that fits. 2. You don’t have to carry everything with you. Ship what you need ahead of time or check out baby and toddler gear rental companies. With all of the new luggage fees on most airlines, it might be easiest to just ship your stuff ahead of time or see if you can rent or borrow on site. You’re going to have to pay anyway so have someone else lug it for you. For larger baby gear like strollers, cribs or car seats, check out and for baby essentials like diapers, formula, etc. look at 3. Make sure everyone in the family has a backpack or travel bag that they can easily carry themselves with snacks, books, toys, and activities. Here are some ideas for age appropriate travel entertainment ideas to keep the kids amused. 4. If possible, plan your trip around nap or sleep time to avoid meltdowns. 5. If your kids are older, have them pitch in and research things to do, restaurants, and other don’t miss attractions. 6. To build excitement about the trip, read books about where you are going or create a countdown calendar to make sure the fun starts before you even leave the house. For more tips on how to make family travel easy and less stressful, download my free Family Vacation Packing List and read these tips on Surviving the Family Road Trip and Having Fun at the Airport with Kids.

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