Zack’s Dream Room…making his dream come true.

    On March 10, 2011, the world lost a very inspirational little boy, Zack Hamilton.  We lost our precious son.  Ty and Jayden lost their littlest brother. Zack was born in September 2007 with a congenital heart defect known as Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Drainage (TAPVD). At two and a half weeks old, Zack underwent a procedure to repair his heart. Zack’s survival at that time, was the first of many miracles in his life. Zack also had several other anomalies, including hearing loss, global developmental delay, feeding issues, a gastrostomy tube (G-Tube), seizures, and fluid in the brain. Though he had no official overall diagnosis, the genetics team discovered Zack had a deletion of the 12th chromosome. This deletion is the first recorded case in the world, making Zack a very special and unique little guy. Although just 3 years old, Zack touched many more people that he ever could have realized. Life is best measured by impact and not duration. In that way, Zack lived a life of incredible importance. To honour this amazing little boy, we are raising funds to dedicate a room to Zack at York Central Hospital decorated with his favourite character – Elmo.  We were in the process of redesigning his room at home, and now we want to allow another child to share in Zack’s love of Elmo.  You can help us make this dream a reality by making an online donation now. Your tax-deductible gift will help ensure Zack’s memory continues to live on. Zack’s spent a lot of time at York Central each winter.  The staff on the floor would fight over who could be his nurse and would often shower him with gifts and toys when we were there.  He was their little hero and they all loved him dearly.  When he died, the nurses and staff on the Pediatric floor (5E) wanted to honour him.  Since they are going through renovations on that floor, we have the honour of raising $25000 to have a room dedicated to Zack! We will be decorating it as Zack would have wanted…lots of Elmo murals, stickers and colour for the children to have a comfortable and fun room during their stay.  We have donations from paint companies, artists and even entertaining equipment being donated to Zack’s Dream Room.  All funds need to be raised by this summer, as the rooms are set to open in the Fall. The rooms have not been done in years, so they need all new bathrooms, windows, flooring, etc. This is where the majority of the money will go.  When the room is ready, we will have a plaque outside the door with his name for everyone to remember the amazing child he was.  We will also be hosting a Grand Opening with Elmo to entertain the kids as Zack would have wanted.     How can you help?

  • Give to Zack’s Dream Room!!!  We need to reach $25,000 to make this dream come true! All corporate donations over $500 will receive a logo and link on our homepage
  • Contribute a prize donation for our upcoming fundraising events- silent auction, door prizes, etc.
  • Donate a percentage of your business sales or fees to Zack’s Dream Team (we will promote this with a link on our Events page)
  • Offer swag for our gift bags for upcoming Golf Tournaments and Family Fun Day
  • Sponsor a hole at our Golf Tournament this spring (more details on our Events page coming soon)
  • Volunteer at our events
  • Run a fundraiser with your family or office (all events will be posted on our site- email us at )
  • Lend us your talent or resources for all of our fundraising events (drinks, food, balloons, activities, games, popcorn machines, etc.)
  • Grab our button at for your own website or blog (be sure to link to the fundraising page)
  • Donate facilities to host our events
  • Spread the word, share our story to your friends and family!
  • “Like” Zack’s Dream Room on Facebook to learn about upcoming family events!
  • Take the time to read Zack’s story with your family

To make a donation, see an amazing video tribute, photos, read more about our amazing son, Zack- click here Heather and Paul Hamilton Zack’s Proud Parents @tjzmommy, @tjzdaddy and @zacksdream on twitter Email us your auction prizes at: Read our blog at:

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