The Best Egg Hunt Ever!

At Easter, kids can hardly wait to participate in a good old-fashioned egg hunt. Make yours the envy of the neighborhood! Whether you’re planning an indoor search or an outdoor event, try these tips to organize the perfect hunt. Purchase some cute baskets at your local dollar store so each child has something to put their eggs and treats in. For an added fun activity, get some Easter craft supplies and let the kids personalize their own baskets. If you want to be eco-friendly, pick up some sand pails which kids can re-use for summer play. Limit the sweets! Plastic eggs don’t all have to contain chocolate and candy! Have some Easter related items such as stickers, toys, bracelets, temporary tattoos, silly putty, slime, bouncy balls and other items you can pick up at the dollar store. Make some different and “special eggs” which may be harder to find but contain better goodies. Make a Treasure Map where x marks the spot of an egg. Or, leave clues scattered around the yard to guide the kids to all the hiding spots. Set limits and boundaries so kids understand clearly where they are able to look. Turn it into a game; for example, play “hot and cold”. If you have a mixed age group participating in your hunt, colour code your eggs to keeps things fair, and age-appropriate. Toddlers can hunt for the pink and blue eggs while older kids can hunt for purple and red eggs. If little ones need help, you can also try teaming kids up. Pairing an older child with a younger sibling or friend guarantees eggs for everybody! Always keep a record of how many eggs you’ve hidden. There’s nothing worse than finding melted chocolate under your stuff or in your favourite flowerbed several months later! And don’t forget to have some “egg-related” goodies for the kids: Egg shaped sugar cookies, egg-salad sandwiches, deviled eggs with cool, fun faces, coloured hard-boiled eggs, and a few chocolate eggs too. Happy Hunting! For more Easter fun and local Easter Events in the Greater Toronto Area, visit

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