Advice from the Blogaholics: Spring Cleaning

We’re just a few days into spring, which means it’s the perfect time to get all that spring cleaning underway.  Time to tackle all the clutter, dirt and grime that accumulates during the cold winter months and get your house ready for the sun that will soon be heading our way. The Blogaholics have some great tips to get your house in shape and make sure you are ready for some summer fun!

Clear out – If you haven’t used it in a year then recycle it, donate it, or throw it out!  If you cannot find the missing piece to a broken toy, now is the time to purge it!  If it’s broken, the kids probably aren’t playing with it anyway!  Tip: When in doubt, put items in a box in your garage with a date on it and seal it up.  If you haven’t been searching for something and had to open the box for a full year, get rid of it!  Amanda DeGrace from

Make It A Game – Cleaning blues?  Make cleaning fun by cranking the tunes and letting everyone help choose the playlist.  Tip: make laundry a matching game for little ones, speed cleaning challenges for older kids, and prizes for the cleanest room for everyone!  Leanne at Rave and Review

Cleaning Miracles – What makes something a miracle?  If it gets Soulla to clean!  Check out the PTPA Winning Universal Stone love letter that can be used on just about any surface in the home.  Soulla Lindo from The Confessions of a Blogaholic

Stay Healthy – Check all your vitamin and medicine expiration dates.  Somehow we all seem to end up with a bottle of cough syrup that expired in 2007!  Tip: Organize your medicine cabinet by date and remember to use the First In, First Out rule!  Amanda DeGrace from

Clean from Top to Bottom – When deep cleaning, you should always start with the highest point in a room and then work your way down to the floor, which helps control any dust and dirt you could be stirring up!  Leanne at Rave and Review

Cyber Clean – Dee from Cocktail Deeva has some really great tips for cleaning up in cyberspace including getting rid of computer clutter!

A Family Goal – Make cleaning clutter a family affair by getting everyone involved.  Let kids go through their toys and choose what they no longer play with.  If you find yourself with lots of stuff to get rid of, schedule a family garage sale and work together to make some money.  Come up with a family goal (like a family day at a local amusement park) a head of time and have the kids track the progress towards the goal during the sale.   Leanne at Rave and Review

Don’t Forget the Hidden Places – Check out Lindsay’s post about tidying up her linen closet.  Tip: even if it is normally hidden behind a door, it is worth the time it takes to organize and clean because it will help you find things faster throughout the year.  Lindsay at Glow Baby

Get Crafty Before You Clean – Ever worry about what is in the cleansers you use?  Ever thought of making your own cleaning supplies?  Garah from Palm Coast Macaroni Kid tells us some great homemade cleaning supplies that you can make yourself!

Break It Down – Organize your tasks in lists that can be done in roughly one hour.  It takes determination to stick to a cleaning plan, but your house will thank you.  By tackling your cleaning in baby steps, it will help you organize your home within a couple weeks!  Nicole at My Real View

Don’t Neglect Your Wardrobe – The same rules of clutter apply to your closet: get rid of anything you haven’t worn in the past 12 months.  Tip: save all your lost and lonely socks for future cleaning.  Read more tips here from Tara Bucci, owner of Baby Momma Blog

Steam Cleaning = Easy Cleaning – The PTPA Winning Shark Steam Pocket Mop is on many of our wishlists for a good reason: it’s safe to use on all sealed hard floor surfaces including hardwood, linoleum, tile, etc.  Lena from Listen to Lena!

Are you doing any spring cleaning this year?  What’s your favorite PTPA winning product or spring cleaning tip?

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