Second Child Syndrome

I am having serious mommy guilt lately! I look at my son and I realize I am inflicting the second child syndrome on him and I fully realize that I (and my husband) are the cause of this. What is this ‘second child syndrome’ I talk about?! It’s the empty photo album, half written baby journal, video lacking syndrome… this is a problem that I’d say 90% (if not more) of second children face. My husband and I are definitely guilty of this. Two things happened recently that really brought this issue to light. The first one was when my daughter found her baby book and then wanted to see her brothers’. She had a beautiful, full photo album. My son, well… he had photos on my computer *blush*. I can’t believe that I had to sit down and turn on my computer just to pull up some pictures. That is wrong! The second episode that happened that slapped me in the face was a few emails I received from people who had seen my daughter grow up on You Tube asking about my son’s signing progress. Then I realized that I had taken so many videos of my daughter and her signing skills but not many of my son. He is a great little signer and I should have the camera on him as much as I did my first child. Life is just busy. It’s not that we don’t love our second child as much or are as equally fascinated with this little kiddo… no. That’s not the issue. The issue is time! Balancing family life is hard. We all do it but we also all know our second child doesn’t have as many pictures as our first. This post is for my second child. My beautiful baby boy who is just as good a little signer as my daughter was at his age. Here is my little munchkin signing! If you have any signing questions don’t hesitate to contact me. I am happy to answer your questions! Laura Berg Founder & President My Smart Hands, ‘educating young minds’

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