Rediscovering Your Inner “Hot Mama” This Mother’s Day

Lately I have had a barrage of emails each day asking me to try this new product that is bound to make me feel like a “hot mama”.  While I appreciate a good suggestion as much as anyone else (and especially just in time to forward on to hubby for Mother’s Day), I can’t help but wonder how a product can hold this kind of magic. The unfortunate truth is that products aren’t the answer.

Being a hot mama isn’t about magic potions and miracle cures, it’s about a state of mind and a way of thinking.

Here’s a suggestion or two for how you can rediscover your inner “hot mama” everyday:

1 – We all know that getting back into shape after baby can be tough.  It’s hard to motivate yourself to go to the gym, and even harder to coordinate all the necessary pieces that can make it possible for you to get away for a little while and get a good workout.  Of course the solution is to integrate exercise into your daily routine.  Whether you have one of the PTPA winning baby carriers, strollers, or wraps, it’s easier than ever to get out with baby and work off those last few baby pounds – no matter how long you’ve been carrying them around.

2 – Don’t forget about what made you “tick” before you had kids.  Whether that’s arts and crafts or reading a good book, we all need to take time for ourselves.  Being fulfilled and taking care of yourself makes for better parents, so don’t feel guilty taking time out for you – it’s best for you and your family!

3 – Schedule a Girls Night Out (GNO) to keep in touch with old friends and get away for a little while.  The destination doesn’t have to be a bar or hot spot, just somewhere that you can rediscover all your important relationships with your friends – those with kids or without!  Need ideas for your group?  Check out #GNO on Twitter and see the best places and ideas for connecting with friends.

4 – Next time you’re out shopping for adorable kid’s clothing and accessories, don’t forget yourself.  Why stare at a closet full of your clothing that’s older than your children while your little ones get all the new styles?  Focus on a few foundation pieces that can update your new look (and new figure) and breathe life into your old wardrobe cost effectively.

5 – Get a haircut, a color, or spring for the mani/pedi.  You will feel better about yourself (even with those few extra pounds) and may even find that it makes you more outgoing, more boisterous, and more likely to get out with the family.  Your kids won’t remember your dress size, but they will certainly remember all the times you got out to play with them without feeling self-conscious.

6 – Try something new.  There’s nothing more sexy than someone who is always up for anything, willing to try new things.  Find a new restaurant, take some classes, see a concert for a band you’ve never heard of, or schedule that trip you’ve been dreaming of.  Even if it’s awful, at least you’ve got good stories to tell.  Who knows, you might just find something you’re passionate about!

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