PTPA TV Launches Today!

Throughout the past few years as I have worked with Parent Tested Parent Approved, it seems they are being featured on a major television show just about every week.  Since I love the company and the idea behind their network of over 40,000 parent testers, I think this is pretty awesome that they are landing TV spots right and left. PTPA new badge So, of course, I try and catch their TV appearance whenever I can so I can see the newest products that have won that coveted seal.  But oftentimes those shows never make it to the States and I am left hearing about how awesome the shoot was from everyone else.   When I heard they were launching their own television network so they could showcase these products for all their fans 24/7 – both national and international – I was absolutely thrilled. PTPA TV’s first segment aired today and I was really happy with the way it turned out.  Sharon Vinderine, the founder and CEO of PTPA Media, is always a joy to watch and I love seeing her showcase the new products.  Not only does she describe how you can use each of the products that have won the seal, she also talks about how she has enjoyed those same products with her family, something I love because I really trust her opinion on all the latest and greatest for parents. While the channel is brand new, I’m sensing some really exciting things are going to come of PTPA TV and am thrilled that I can now tune in any time I want!

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