Party Safe…

It feels like not that long ago, the term “Party Safe” ment… Don’t leave your drink outside the bar bathroom and make sure you have a condom. Oh my how times have changed, for the better of course! Since the 1st official long weekend of the summer is upon us, it is time for…COCKTAILS, what else! Hopefully mother nature will be as excited as I am and give us some fabulous weather to go along with our party plans. Wether your heading to the cottage, hanging on a patio or with friends around home. A summer long weekend just screams Party Time. Shake off the dust from a long winter and show the world your white pasty self! I LOVE to throw parties…and for me, it’s all about being a Fabulous host. Making all my guests feel special and that I am truly thrilled they are spending time with me. When I was asked to be a spokes person for the LCBO’s Deflate the Elephant campaign, I was thrilled. The campaign is all about how to be a fabulous host and making your guests feel special and helping them Party Safe. Hope you enjoy this weekends fab Mocktail recipe…So delicious and easy to make. A divine libations to add a little wow factor to your party, always a nice to add a fun choice rather than just pop or coffee. If this recipe doesn’t make your mouth water you kind find so many more and some great ideas and tips at Deflate the Elephants website. They also have a Fab Facebook page where you can take the pledge to be a great host this summer and help prevent friends and family from drinking and driving. One of my Favourite things is of course the DTE IPhone App, yes I am a techy geek and love all things “i” ! And it’s FREE!!! I also love Free… And Of course, what would a long weekend be without a COCKTAIL…So enjoy this Fabulous libations recipe! Have a Fabulous Victoria Day weekend…and always remember to Party Safe. Cheers Victoria Day Daiquiri… 1 ounce Rum 1/2 ounce Triple Sec handful of fresh raspberries 4 ounces Pink Lemonade Add all ingredients to a blender filled with ice and blend until smooth. Garnish with some fresh fruit and FABULOUS company!

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