The Other “F” Word…

Not all that long ago a fabulous woman I know told me that Free is 500 Bucks!” I was a few glasses of red wine into a fabulous dinner party and replied…..” Huh?” I am so eloquent. She went on to explain that if she is asked to do something for FREE” , she has to get her hair done, make up , get a new outfit and it all costs about 500 bucks! So if you want me for “FREE” it’s 500 bucks. I then replied…”Aaahhhh” …again I am a wordsmith. Not long after that conversation, I had another conversation with of course….another Fabulous woman, who talked about how doing things for “FREE” just hurts you. It devalues you and what you do and hurts others in business as well. Makes perfect sense… Word is business travels fast, if you do something for FREE for someone, how can you ask someone else to pay you? People tell me …”You have to do some FREE when starting out”… and I did, a ton of it. However looking back, I really shouldn’t of… I thought of a bunch of really cool and poignant reasons on why and was going to list them all, but it turns out that someone already did.So I am just going to use I am a lazy wordsmith. I found this fabulous blog post from Lisa Larter“Why Free is too Expensive” . It is a great post and is worth the read. It will really make you think…well it made me think, and you know I don’t like to do a lot of that… The next time someone asks you to give of yourself , business wise, for FREE” think twice before you agree. See…that rhymes, I am a wordsmith! Cheers 500 Bucks Bellini…. 2 ounces Peach Nectar 1/2 ounce simple syrup lemon wedge 2 ounces Champagne or Sparkling wine Add  peach nectar, simple syrup and squeeze of lemon into a shaker filled with ice. Strain into a glass of ice and top with bubbly…Cheers to your success!

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