Healthy Goals for My 30th

OK, well, the secret’s out now.  I’m going to be 30 in 2 weeks. No big deal.  I have 2 kids, a great career, a supportive hubby and a healthy body.  I’m just going to turn one day older and then I’ll be 30.  No big deal. If I keep saying “no big deal”, does it make it no big deal? Every time I open a magazine and see those “Dress for your Age” spreads, I wonder… Do I have to automatically switch to the 30s column in 3 weeks?  Do I wake up that morning and toss out my cosmetics, only to replace them with the suggestions in the 30s column? Overall, I’m sort of looking forward to 30.  Most of my friends and colleagues are at least in their 30s, and many are in their 40s or beyond.  I am just a tiny bit tired of hearing people comment on how “young” I am… and sometimes I think it might be a bit tough for an older client to believe a 20-something “girl” can really relate to their struggles, priorities and perspectives.

30 has made me evaluate some things in my life that are perhaps not exactly as I’d love them to be. Hitting my 3os is making me realize just how quickly I will hit my 40s.  And then my 50s. And my 60s.  You get the idea. I am leaving behind that invincibility of my 20s and starting to really appreciate how every decision I make has a direct impact on my future health and happiness.  I’ll share a few of my personal goals and changes as I wrap my head around the Big 3-0:

  • end the pregnancy/postpartum reliance on sugar and starches.  19 months into breastfeeding my second baby, I’m no longer concerned so much about maintaining my milk supply.  It’s time for me to return to the eating habits that make me feel best, and for my metabolism and gastrointestinal system, that means a diet that is much less reliant on carbohydrates than I allowed myself in pregnancy and postpartum.
  • challenge my body.  I certainly exercise.  I teach Belly Bootcamp classes 6 days per week, and my mommies will tell you that I do just about every bit of each class I teach.  I have returned to running now that the snow is gone.  And I love walking, often with one kid in the stroller and one in the back carrier so I can really burn some calories.  But I am also ready to tackle a few things I’ve been neglecting… I’m really a crappy swimmer, and I’d like to learn how to do that properly.  I am also trying to find the time to fit yoga into my week, for stress relief and to lengthen my tight muscles.  I am also planning to dust off my rollerblades, which have been neglected since my first pregnancy.  My hubby’s really good on his blades, so I’m hoping he’ll hold my hand a bit while I get my bearings again.
  • purchase more natural foods and products.  No big mystery here… I’m getting older and I don’t want to die young.  I’m limiting our use of household chemicals (although it’s a weaning process…) and buying organic meats and produce as often as possible.
  • get out of the house. For the last 5 years, I have become good friends with my couch.  I don’t watch a ton of TV in general, but once the kids are in bed and I’ve got only a couple of hours before my eyes spontaneously slam shut, it’s so easy to hit the couch with a cup of tea and literally not. move. for the rest of the evening.  So freaking lame! I’m ashamed of myself for being so boring, and anytime I am strapped for conversation on date night, I think, “Why don’t I do more interesting things so I can be more interesting?”  Whether it’s grabbing a coffee with my sister or a girlfriend, going out for a walk while I catch up on fitness podcasts, or hitting one of those knitting cafes to pretend I am crafty for a couple of hours, I’m going to bust out of my evening couch potato routine and challenge myself to live a little more.

30 is coinciding with the end of the baby stage for me, so I”m feeling doubly motivated.  My eldest is going to Junior Kindergarten this fall, and my youngest is well into the toddler stage and pretty autonomous.  I no longer have to nurse at night, be on call during the day for baby meltdowns or feedings, or feel guilty for leaving the kids with Daddy.  Separating from my kids and hubby is a part of this process. But it’s in a good way.  I lost myself in the process of becoming a mother.  I’m no longer okay with that.  I used to be a pretty cool girl.  Now I’m going to aim to be a pretty cool lady. So, suck it up, princess… you’re turning 30. At least make something of it.

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