How To Begin Signing With Your Baby

I recommend that parents start with 2-5 signs. This is not for the baby’s sake, but rather, for the parents. Because signing doesn’t come naturally to most people, it can be challenging to maintain the practice, especially if it takes a while for your child to sign back to you. You can sign as many signs as you’d like, but make sure to always sign your 2-5 chosen signs every single time you say the word. For example, if one of your signs is ‘milk’, then every time you give your baby milk, sign it as well. This will help your baby realize that your actions mean something. The signs I recommend are the following:

  • Milk
  • Mommy
  • Daddy
  • More
  • Eat/food
  • Finished
  • Help
  • Hurt
  • Any food signs.

Pick a few of these signs and start signing! For easy reference feel free to visit our free online dictionary to look up signs to use with your baby: Written By: Laura Berg

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