Perfect Father’s Day Gift . . .for Mom!!

waffles2I have the perfect Father’s Day gift . . .every mom should run out now and get one of these for their kids Dad!

This perfect gift gives back every weekend, to ME!

I sleep in (LATE) every Saturday morning. Daddy HAS to get up. The kids beg for  him to get up. The kids never let him skip a weekend, this is serious ‘Daddy is the best ever and we love him soooo much’ kind of stuff!!

All the  makings of the PERFECT Fathers Day Gift!! So what is it?

THE perfect gift for this Fathers Day is a Waffle Maker. Seriously!

We bought Dad at our house one about 2 years ago for Father’s Day and every single weekend & and every single birthday slumber party morning has been a waffle morning. He makes huge batches and freezes them so the kids have ready made pop-in-the-toaster breakfast before school. It’s brilliant !!

waffles1I get out of weekend breakfast AND school morning breakfast!! Kids can self serve from freezer to toaster and they LOVE Daddy’s waffles. He’s even come up with his own “healthy” waffle recipe so the kids get some good stuff with their weekend waffle! (yes I know there are sprinkles on that whip cream above . . . but its real whip cream!)

So think about YOU this Father’s Day!! Your kids will love you for it !!

Daddy’s Healthier “let mommy sleep” Waffles

Dry Ingredients
2 cups whole wheat flour
6 tbsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
2 tbsp sugar

Wet Ingredients
2 cups Milk
8 tbsps Extra Virgin Olive oil
2 tsp vanilla extract
4 eggs seperated yolks from white.
1-2 mashed Bananas
handful of chocolate chips

Add first four ingredients to bowl and mix. Add milk, olive oil, egg yolks and Vanilla Extract and mix. Add to dry ingredients and mix. Add in mashed bananas and a sprinkle of chocolate chips.  Beat Egg whites until white and fluffy. Then fold egg whites into batter. Pour batter in to Waffle iron and cook for approximately 8 minutes. Makes approximately 15 waffles depending on size of waffle iron.

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