Summer Screen Time…

It is no secret among those who know that I love TV. I have many friends who don’t have television and I honestly wonder how they survive on a daily basis. I love “My Shows”, this is how my grandmother referred to Soap Operas in her day. Now I don’t watch soap operas, never have, my shows are more far fetched than those, they comprise mostly of reality TV. Yet for most of my television life as soon as the weather got nice “my shows” when into the crapper, a.k.a re-run hell. However in the past few years long with fun in the sun, BBQ’s and SPF, summer brings on an amazing lineup of new summer shows. Certain networks have finally realized that if they wan’t to launch a show and have people actually watch it, a good idea is to do it when there is nothing else to watch. Hmmm this Media CEO stuff is rocket science now isn’t it? Now I would love to say that I am out on a patio every night sucking every last drop of summery goodness out of each day. The truth is with 4 children and two of them still under 3 trying to suck out all the summery goodness can, well, sometimes just SUCK. So by the time everyone is all tucked into their Weeva beds, my darling hubs and I are more than ready to turn our brains off and relax in front of the boob tube. So let’s have a quick look at what this summer is offering up for you viewing pleasure. Since the dawn of HBO and Showtime there is really no “OFF” season for television. Summer has quickly become a hot bed for all the really fun juicy shows. With shows like, True Blood, Entourage final season, Hung & The Real L Word, Weeds and the Big C all starting a fabulous fresh season, summer tele viewing is primo! Now we can’t forget my personal fave, the summer reality line-up. So You Think You can Dance, The Bachelorette,Hell’s Kitchen, America’s Got Talent, I love me some Howie…and my personal favourite and summer guilty pleasure (i have many) Big Brother …Can’t wait…TLC & The Discovery channel also offer up a bevy of reality shows, perfect to keep you entertained on hot summer nights, Extreme Coupon’ing anyone??? I find when I ask people if they are watching a certain new summer show I get a lot of “ Oh no, it is far to nice in the summer for me to watch TV.” It’s almost like it is Taboo to say that you sit inside on a summer evening and watch the big silver box. Is it? Am I enjoying something that is Taboo? because that would really up my cool factor… Do you watch summer television? Do you have a favourite show? Am I a total dorkappotomous for watching it in the summer?….naaaa..I prefer being Taboo. My Taboo Margarita 1 1/2 ounces gold tequila 1/2 ounce Triple Sec 3 ounces lime juice 1 ounce pulp free orange juice 1 tbsp simple syrup salt lime wedge Add all ingredients except for your salt and lime wedge to the blender and blend until it’s your desired thickness. Rim glass in salt garnish with a lime wedge and serve! Cheers

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