WaterWipes – Not just for neurotic parents!

I have to admit, with my first child I was a crazy woman. I was so neurotic when it came to anything that touched my baby. We had a sign as you entered our house that said, “Please wash hands before touching the baby”. I’m not kidding! Our friends thought we were insane. When I was looking at baby wipes for her little bottom I was afraid to buy anything scented as a newborn her skin was so soft that I couldn’t imagine putting anything smelly on her newborn skin! Instead I would get a little bucket of warm water and a soft facecloth and wash off her little tooshie. This was a bit of a labour intensive process and did not often agree with the explosive ‘you know what’ she would sometimes have. Sharing too much?! 🙂 When I had my son I was a little less neurotic and I simply decided to use diaper wipes on his bottom. However, Mr. Sensitive could not handle regular wipes, his little behind broke out in a rash… back to the cloth method! Then I was lucky enough to test the WaterWipes for PTPA and I was SO happy to find a natural wipe that worked so well, is very soft and is mostly water. I wish these were around when I had my daughter but I am glad I have found them now to use with my son. I tell you, even if you are not a neurotic parent like me you will still love these wipes, check them out here!

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