Fun things to do before the summer ends

Fun things to do before the summer ends! By Summer’s end is fast approaching, but you still have some time to make it a memorable one! You’ll have to hurry if you want to squeeze in all of the hottest things about summer into the next few weeks, before the kids head back to school. Here’s a list of ideas for a late-summer rally of fun! Go backyard camping. Gather your pals, pitch a tent, grab some sleeping bags, and head out your back door. While you won’t be able to have a campfire, there’s no reason to forgo the traditional campfire songs and tales. Have a blast sleeping with the kids under the stars while enjoying the indoor plumbing just a few steps away! Close out the summer with a day at the Beach! It will feel like a mini-vacation (especially if you didn’t get away this year).  After going to the beach, you know how good it feels to come home sun-bleached and sandy! Go to the nearest park and have a picnic. Nothing beats hanging out on a blanket with your pals. Have everyone pack their fave foods. Don’t forget the Frisbee! August weather is perfect for a late summer picnic. Before summer ends, it’s required that everyone attend a festival! There are tons of festivals or County Fairs taking place between now and the start of September. They all have free concerts, midways, exhibits and petting animals, too.  Don’t forget to enjoy some great carnival foods which can only be found in the summer time: cotton candy, corn dogs, snow cones and roasted corn! Pack your kids in their PJs, bring your favourite snacks and head to a double bill at a drive-in theatre. Pack up and snacks and crank up the volume on your car stereo… And, talking is allowed! Before it’s time for books and homework again, do a family activity – something outdoorsy before the nice weather is gone for the year. Tour the countryside in your bikes, go for a hike, explore caves. There are also farms, orchards, lakes and parks to enjoy. Finally, if you aren’t able to organize any outings before summer ends, then just get out and enjoy your backyard … quickly before you need mittens again!

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