Trick…or Treat…?

I love Halloween, always have and think I always will. I love to dress up and pretend to be someone else for the night and act silly. What I don’t like about Halloween is that as I walk through the costume store for some ideas, the costumes for women are all the same. Sexy nurse, slutty cop, sexy nun, slutty vampire,naughty schoolgirl, I am sexy and slutty enough every other 364 days a year. I need to change it up. So in my search for a fab Halloween costume I couldn’t help but check out what the celebrities are wearing for some tricks and treats. Not to my surprise most female celebes dress up even hoochier than they do on a normal basis. Mariah Carey for example went as a slutty fireman, suspenders, bra, bare belly and all. Her husband Nick looked like a regular firemen, minus the rugged “I want you to carry me through a burning building” thing. Pari Hilton dawned a sexy jailbird frock, predictable. I wonder what Lindsey Lohan is going to be this year. Britney Spears went as…Rupaul? Drag Queen Show Girl ? Herself? Nope, I got it. A HAWT MESS! I love that Mickey Rourke is so confident that he went as, himself. Now that guy is cool. My all time favourite celebrity at Halloween has to be Heidi Klum. Every costume I saw that woman in was FABULOUS and not slutty. She and her divine husband Seal, do it up right and all the way. You can truly tell she is having a blast and loves to be silly. I heart Heidi Klum, just google Heidi Klum Halloween costumes and you will se why. My kind of lady. If your going to dress up, please stay clear of the hooch, any costume that has the word “sexy” in the title is just lame. Be creative, think outside the box, literally…Here are some fun, easy, non-slutty costume ideas that I love. -Carry a quarter and a hammer. What are you? A Quarter-pounder -Wear all black and put a postage stamp (enlarged if possible) on your chest. What are you? Black mail. -Where all white and tape trash to yourself. What are you? White Trash -Where all black and stick a large pic of a postage stamp to your chest. Now your Black Mail. -If you wear glasses, drape fake spider web all over them. Now your a Website. Happy Halloween! Cheers MAD EYE Martini 1 oz Hpnotiq 1 oz Vodka 1 oz Lychee Juice Eye Ball Cut a small whole in Lychee fruit and fill with red jelly and a blueberry in the center. Add all ingredients to a shaker filled with ice , shake well and strain into a martini glass. Thank you to Hpnotiq for this fabulous recipe…Cheers

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