How You Should Treat Your Twitter Followers

Ever since I discovered Twitter (for the 2nd time – the first time I cared nothing for it), I fell in love.
What do I love about Twitter most? Being able to engage and connect with so many different kinds of individuals, and learn so many great new things. I usually learn of something major from Twitter before anything else. It’s amazing what Twitter does.
What’s even more amazing is getting to know those I follow and follow me. There are reasons why someone follows you and why I choose to follow someone. It’s because we enjoy that persons tweets and respect them as a person — their thoughts, opinions, values… matter to us somehow.
We find them entertaining, funny, sweet, daring.
So what boggles my mind is when twitterer’s don’t engage and respond back to tweet’s. I’ve fallen victim to that with some folks I really liked on Twitter, having that person never respond to me (for reasons I have no clue) even though I’ve tried to engage in conversation plenty of times (they’re no celebrity and have always replied to others that are in our followers circle, but never me).
Don’t get me wrong. I’m not taking it too personal, but I just think it’s plain old rude.
Despite how many followers I have, I make it a point to respond to every single tweet. Even if it’s a quick one. It shows that you acknowledge and are happy to have that person following you.
Here are the few tips which I think every Twitterer should follow while treating their followers-
  • Give them respect – Every follower is a human being (obviously most of them) so give them the respect they deserve. Okay. I agree that once you’ve a huge following, it is not feasible to reply to every person. But at least try to reply as many as possible. With huge following comes huge responsibilities.
  • Follow them back – Okay. It’s not possible to follow everyone back. Please don’t give the excuse of spam on your timeline. If Mr.Obama (@BARACKOBAMA) can follow 734,818 persons and Guy Kawasaki (@Guykawasaki) can follow 242,903 persons on twitter then why can’t you follow back few of your followers?
  • Conversation is Important – Social media is for CONVERSATION. Okay, you might be a celebrity or a great source of information but, if you are not interested in talking with others, then what you are doing on twitter? Just for promoting your content and getting some traffic to your website? Sorry, I’m not interested in following you.
  • Be Generous – If your follower sends you a link to his work/article for your feedback then have some decency to reply to it. Even a one word reply like “good” can do wonders. Don’t feel shy in RTing their tweets if they like them. Not only it will boost the motivation of your follower but will also help you to improve your credibility amongst your followers.
  • Don’t tweet inanities – Your followers are following you just to learn something from you. They are not interested (or most of them) in what you ate for your lunch or which party you are going to. So please don’t tweet inanities and maintain a proper balance between your personal and informational tweets.

So, these were the five things which I think every Twitter user should care of. Do you know of more points which you feel should be added to this list? Feel free to share them in comments below.

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