The Made-Up-Not-So-Made-Up Morning Style Routine

I despise the term “soccer mom”. Don’t get me wrong – I love soccer moms. I probably will be one come Spring since my 5 year old wants to take up soccer. I just hate the image that “soccer mom” implies. New generations of mom (and by new I mean if you’ve had kids in the last ten years) thankfully are giving new style to “soccer moms”. I don’t always feel my greatest, but I do make an effort to look somewhat decent before I step outside to greet the world. If you’re like me, you spend your mornings getting your kids ready and dropping them off at school. I also have a newborn that keeps me up most nights so you can imagine just how unappealing I look in the morning! I believe if you give yourself a polish with some key beauty products and wardrobe staples you’ll feel more alive and lets face it – more pleasant in the morning. I’ll admit, some moms give me weird looks in the morning because I’m not sporting sweats and runners, but at least I feel good! Sure, I may look like I’m hiding from papparazzi,  but it’s good to be prepared right? Cut some corners with my morning style routine! Here’s how you can look made-up-not-so-made up. Man, whoever thought showering could be such a luxury. When you have a newborn it is! To freshen up my hair, I like using a dry shampoo that smells delish. It absorbs the oils in your hair and even gives it some extra volume. Just sprinkle at the root of your hair, massage into your scalp and brush. No one will ever know you have day (or two) old hair. If you’re still holding on to your beloved scrunchy from the ’80’s, toss it now! There’s no reason why a pony tail should look frumpy. Thankfully you can buy hair elastics that are the same shade as your hair! Other than washing my face and brushing my teeth, I don’t wear anything on the skin except a tinted lip balm. They’re quick, easy, and moisturize your lips at the same time. I like using a brighter shade of pink or berry to brighten up my complexion. My wardrobe is pretty basic. I have a few trendy pieces, but I love casual basics that you can dress up or down. I usually like to throw on a slightly loose fitting tee that is easy to move around in. And when I want a Parisian flare, I like cotton shirts with stripes. I think I have striped shirts in every style! These are great under a blazer, knit cardigans, or on their own. Every mom should have shirts like these! With so many styles of jeans out there to suit every taste and shape, there is no reason for anyone to be sporting the “mom jean”. Once you find a pair that you look good in hold onto them! Jeans are a staple in every wardrobe. Dress ’em up, dress ’em down – the style options are endless. I personally like dark wash jeans because they look polished and slender my not-so-perfect areas. Chunky knit sweaters that you can wear as a jacket in Fall are a must and is a piece you can wear into winter and spring. It isn’t quite cold enough to wear a winter jacket so I love throwing on a big chunky sweater. It’s easy to throw on in the morning and makes me look put together with no effort at all. They never go out of style and look great over a pair of jeans and a casual tee. There are so many styles and colours to choose from, but no matter what you’ll always look on trend. I own a billion scarves in all different colours, patterns, and textures. These are especially perfect for Fall weather when a sweater is all you’re wearing. Go for something colourful for a pop of colour. It’s just another way to make a basic outfit look more interesting. I love hats. I only own 3, but I want/need more. A hat can transform your outfit, but most importantly hide messy bedhead hair. When my hair is just beyond greasy, not even a dry shampoo will help (I know, gross – sorry!). A cool, hip hat is my saviour! Sure, you can throw on a baseball cap, but if you’re going to put something on your head why not make it look pretty? Crown your head with a bowler, wide brim hats in rich tones, or something mens-inspired. And when it’s not quite sunny enough for sunglasses, you can pull these lower to hide your eyes a bit! Here is my philosophy on runners: if you’re not working out at the gym you shouldn’t be wearing them. Really bulky runners can make your whole outfit look frumpy. If you want to wear a sneaker go for something sleeker. I LOVE my Converse slip ons (shown above). They are comfy and easy to get on in the morning. There are many sleek sneaker styles out there in many different colours so find one that you’ll love. Sleek sneakers even look good with casual skirts and maxi dresses. As the weather gets colder and wet, I like wearing a sturdy rain boot with lining. It’s not quite cold enough for a snow boot so rain boots are perfect. I own the same exact boot in the picture. It’s a basic black with an edgy motorcycle feel to it. Ballet flats are definitely a staple. They are comfy, look cute, and can be worn with jeans or a skirt. I especially love them in metallics and snake prints. Sunglasses should be considered a beauty product. They conceal tired eyes and dark circles and protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays that create wrinkles.  I’ve been known to wear sunglasses even when it’s not sunny out, but concealing tired blood-shot eyes is one thing I know other mom’s can relate to. I own these exact pairs of sunglasses. If you don’t own a few shades already, buy a dressier over-sized pair and aviators for a more casual look or a day at the park. And there you have it! You can look put together without really being put together! What are some of your style staples?

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