To go back to work or not? That is the question..

Should I go back to work?
This is a question I hear over and over again. It’s a question I dealt with and still dealing with as a stay-at-home-mom.  It’s a hard question but it’s one most moms eventually ask themselves. The answer about going back to work is different for everyone.
I have seen first hand how hard women are on themselves. Mothers are trying to be the unrealistic -“SuperMom”. We are always striving for perfection.We ask ourselves impossible questions like: How can I be the best parent If I choose to work outside the home? Could I work Part-time and have the best of both worlds? Which choice will make me happy? How long can my spouse do this on his own?
So, where do you begin? You start by taking a close look at yourself. What is your motivation for going back to work? Is going back to work right now really right for you?
Being a mom is a full time job. You work 7 days a week, 24 hours a day – are you ready for more?
There are a few things to ask yourself to make the decision process a little smoother:
1. Is it financially feasible? You must consider commuting costs, wardrobe costs, lunch, daycare, etc. Will going back to work put more money in your pocket?
2. Will having a second job ( the first being a mom) make you the best mom you can be?  Being a mom is a full time job. Just because you don’t get a weekly paycheck doesn’t mean it’s not real work. I find it to be the most important position I ever held. As a mom, we don’t get paid sick or vacation days, no benefits, raises or promotions. We are On-call all the time. This is a lot of responsibility. Are you ready for more?
3. Why do you want to go back to work? You need to know the reason why. Is it more adult or social time? More money or benefits? A sense of independence? And some moms want a sense of professional accomplishment to balance their personal accomplishments. It could be the “Empy Nest Syndrome.” Whatever the reason is: It’s fine. Just know it and feel confident in your motivation behind your decision.
4. Will you be able to financially cover daycare? Do you have daycare, nanny or a babysitter you can trust? Trust is a big issue. If you have your child at a place or with a person you trust, going back to work will be easier.
5. Is your decision guided by fear? Don’t let fear control your life. It’s scary making the transition from Stay at home mom to working outside the home. It’s natural to feel some fear and anxiety about returning to work but don’t let it control your decision.
Take your time making the decision. Also, know as a mom you have options. You can work from home, work part-time, temporary jobs, telecommute, etc. Think about what YOU really want, what will make you the best mom and person you could be.
Have confidence in your decision – if you made it, it must be a good one!

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