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I was recently asked to speak at BlissDom Canada, a conference for women bloggers, on viral marketing. I was honored to be on an amazing panel with Eric Alper, Jeff Pulver and Alison Kramer.

Eric, Jeff, Laura and Alison

I was wondering what I was going to tell the audience about viral marketing. I was lucky that my video went viral and my channel became so popular but I didn’t have a magical recipe to share on how I made that happen. Then it hit me… why did I make my videos in the first place? I made them to share a passion of mine with other parents. I didn’t care how many views my videos had, I cared about getting my message out there. What was important to me was touching lives. If I could touch just one life by sharing my videos and my passion then that was better than going viral. Making a difference is what is important to me. During the panel I shared a lovely story about a woman who sent me the most amazing email. I keep this email close to my heart. If nothing else happens in my business that would be okay with me because I made a difference in this family’s life. I want to share that email here today: “Hi Laura and Fireese! I wanted to let you know how much you’ve helped me with my son, Asher. Asher is almost 4 years old now. He is a high-functioning autistic child. Asher was also born tongue-tied, and has a hard time forming our everyday sounds. At age 2 1/2, he had not slept for six months more than 2-3 hours at a time. Neither was I, of course! You can imagine how that sleep deprivation, coupled with a child who couldn’t speak intelligibly anyway, had my husband and I at our wit’s end. One day in September 2007, I was browsing the Internet, when I came across the video of Fireese at 12 months old, doing all these signs! I called Asher over and together we watched the video several times. He LOVED it! Within 45 minutes, my son was able to start communicating with me like never before! I could understand him when he needed a drink, or a diaper change, or his favorite toy (a pink monkey!), or to be left alone. I realize that you may not realize this, or believe you’re just using your own talents, but you and your beautiful daughter are angels to me! Asher ended up getting a speech therapist who provided us tons of flash cards with signs on them to learn. He will be 4 years old in June, and I’m now looking to find ASL classes to keep up with him! I don’t know where we’d be today if we hadn’t found your video online – I really don’t. Thank you so much for taking the time to put it up and share it. I will always appreciate it! Wendi Proud Mom of Six” When I received this email I cried. To think that I was able to make sure a huge difference in someone’s life was absolutely amazing. I made a difference and that’s what matters in life! While I was telling this story to the BlissDom Canada audience I became a little teary, other’s in the audience were also touched. Then a woman stood up, took the microphone and shared her story. She told us about her son and how I also made a difference in her family’s life. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the audience. Again, I had no idea! And here this woman was, brave enough to stand up in a room full of strangers and share her story. It was lovely, it was heartfelt! Here is her story as well: “I had the pleasure of meeting Laura at Blissdom Canada this year.  I was there listening to her speak on a panel and as she spoke I felt the need to stand up and tell the story of my son Liam. This subject is an extremely emotional one for me, and probably always will be.

Laura and Jennifer

I think that Laura’s My Smart Hands program is such a wonderful thing for parents. Listening to her speak about a little boy who was non verbal being able to learn to sign and communicate with his mother just tore me up. I know the heartbreak that mother felt not being able to know her sons wants or needs verbally. Thank you Laura for your videos  and your hug after I was done shaking! Jennifer Hunt” I was so happy to be able to share my story with others. I think sometimes people see what I do and think how great it is that I teach baby signing classes. But I don’t think people fully realize how I am able to touch lives and make a difference. My heart overflowed during the BlissDom panel. There was such love in the room and tenderness from my co-panelists. I don’t think any of us expected the panel to go the way it did but we are all  richer for it. We all laughed, cried and bonded. It was a beautiful hour spend in a room full of open and lovely people!

Tender moment with love from my co-panelists, Jeff & Alison

I believe everyone has this ability. We can make a change and do good things in life. We have that power. If you go about your life to do good and make a difference then you will! If you don’t know what Jeff does then visit his website If you haven’t seen Alison Kramer’s video then it is a must watch! Much love! Laura (proud mom to Fireese and Hartford… and sharer of videos)

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