10 ways to cut your grocery bill without clipping coupons

I’m obviously an avid coupon user however like most people I don’t have the time to organize and clip coupons all day. Using coupons is wise, no questions however spending hours at the grocery store to plan for extreme couponing shopping trip is another thing. I’m sure if you use coupons you will no doubtfully have seen the extreme couponing show on the TLC but as much as I love a great deal and coupons, I also believe there are ways to save big on your grocery bill without using coupons.

1. Meat-free

Go meat-free for a couple days a week. You certainly don’t have to deprive yourself of the required protein your body needs to function properly by cutting out meat. In fact using alternatives to red meat, poultry or pork is actually healthier option than you my think.

2. Stockpile

How many times have you reached for an item only to find out it’s been used? Mustard, cereal, canned tomatoes. Stockpile these items when they go on special. There are tones of items you can keep in your pantry that have a long expiry date such as canned foods, and mustard.

3. Grow your own Garden

Thinking about growing your own garden? Unfortunately we are approaching the winter season however plan your garden for the spring. There is nothing like fresh grown produce right out of your garden. If you grow too much which tends to happen you can freeze some produce like tomatoes or make preserves for the winter.

4. Menu planning

Planning is a big part of our lives, it only makes sense to also plan your meals. Buy what is on special for the week and buy items that are in season.

5. Buy groceries at alternative stores

Some of the best grocery deals are found in stores other than your typical grocery store. I generally buy all my bread from McGavins, they carry nearly expired bread. Most of the bread I purchase goes straight into the freezer and used for toast and sandwiches. Been to the dollar store lately? They carry items such as spices that generally sell for 4-5 times the price at the grocery store. Just make sure to check the expiry date.

6. Weigh your produce

This makes me laugh because my husband does this all the time, weight your produce. If the bag of oranges states it is 5 lbs make sure the bag of oranges actually weighs 5 lbs.  Often that bag of oranges is not 5 lbs and you can add 2 -3 extra pieces of fruit into a bag.

7. Cook from scratch

Luckily I love to bake. Making muffins or cookies for the kids to take for snacks will certainly cut the grocery bill. You will also have full control over how much sugar goes into your baking!

8. Store Brand vs Name Brand

Consider purchasing store brands instead of name brand. There is a reason why big brands spend millions of dollars on marketing to get you to purchase their products.

9. Choose lower priced produce

Buy lower priced produce like sweet potatoes or pumpkin. Pumpkin is super low in calories and packed with fiber. Always consider the darker greens that are full of nutrients with a longer shelf life for your greens.

10. Check the clearance section

Just about all grocery stores will have a clearance section. Don’t rule out fruit that is nearly expired like bananas. I once purchased 3 bags of 5kg of bananas for $2/bag. Each banana was peeled and cut into small pieces, placed in bags and frozen. Frozen bananas make great tasting smoothies and use can be for baking. Just make sure you have a plan for the fruit, the last thing you want to do is through food into the rubbish.

What are some ways you save money at the grocery store without clipping coupons?

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