Top 5 Places to Visit- Montreal

I must confess I have a fourth love (ya know after my lovely husband and dear child and baby girl on the way).  My fourth love is vibrant, always full of life and never a dull moment.  Who is this fourth love? Montreal. Oh my dear Montreal, how I love you!  I fell in love with this City the first time I visited it and luckily for me with my husband living there in the years past and many friends and family still residing there its a place we visit often.  So often actually that we actually have a membership to some of our favourite places there! If you are close to Montreal and looking to take a day trip with the kids, or travelling through the area here are some of my families favourite places: 1. Biodome– LOVE it here! The penguins are my favourite!!  I could spend all day going through this place and visited often even pre-baby! Now that we have a baby I see it as an excuse to go even more.  If you live close to Montreal the family membership to the Biodome is worth every penny in my opinion!  Check out the rainforest with all the cute little animals and birds that fly around you! Then head over to the climates and atmospheres to see the penguins, beavers, seals and fish!  Take a lunch and enjoy it while you are there or pick up something at their cafeteria.  Do note that the coat check can sometimes be extremely long and you don’t want to be wearing heavy clothes when you go through the rainforest section! 2.  La Ronde– Looking for some fun rides? Ride a roller coaster, try out the bumper cars or take a turn on the carousel!  La Ronde is action packed and ready for your whole family! 3.  Granby Zoo– Okay, so this is not actually in Montreal but is only an hour outside and is a great family friendly place.  There is so much to see they actually now sell 2- day passes.  With a zoo packed with animals to view and a wonderful water park be sure to pack a lunch and plan to stay for the full day!!  We spent a great fun filled day at Granby Zoo this summer and will be back next year! 4. Old Montreal & the Port– A visit to Montreal is not a visit without a stroll through Old Montreal and a walk down the Port.  Visit eclectic shops, drink some yummy wine (or coffee!), rent a bike to take for a ride and view the boats cruising along the water.  There are grass spaces for family friendly picnics and the Science Centre is extremely close by! 5.  St. Catherine Street & Mont Royal- A trip to Montreal is not complete without a nice walk down St. Catherine street and of course some shopping here and there.  Or non-stop shopping!  A tie up for me is to whether spend my last few visiting hours on Mount Royal, where the shopping is equally as abundant or St. Catherine St. I will leave the decision up to you! Of course you need to visit both just to know which best suits you 😉 So the next time you are looking for a fun filled place to visit with the family I highly recommend Montreal! Vive le Quebec!

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