Moms are not allowed to get sick!

As I sit here and type, I look around at the copious amounts of crumpled up tissue paper surrounding me, feel the burn from an abused nose, inhale the vapors rising from this perfect cup of mint tea with a splash of lemon and honey and take in the scent of Vicks Vapor Rub (officially my new “fragrance”).  Did I mention I’m also still wearing the same pajamas I have been wearing for the past 2 days. I know, gross, right? This is probably the first time I’ve gotten up from my bed to sit at my desk and check some emails and get started on some blogging.  I’m not trying to complain to you but you realize more than ever when you are a Mom that it doesn’t matter how sick you are, you still have to try and function the best you can.  This is especially true when you have toddlers or infants.  My little 3 year old daughter has been super sweet with me being sick (she actually gets it) but at the same time, she won’t hesitate to pull at my hands to get up off the bed because she really needs something or come crying to me for big hugs when Daddy is just not enough for her. We are Mom after all. Irreplaceable. So, no sick days for us. We have got to suck it up as much as possible.  I’m pretty lucky because the past few days that I’ve been sick with this horrid flu virus, my mother was able to take a day off from her work to stay with me and care for not just me but for my daughter.  My husband also took a day off work today (hence the opportunity to get onto the computer).  A support system is honestly one of the most effective forms of medicine.  It gives you the rest you really need. If you can’t get that break, which many of us hard-working mommies can’t most times, here are some really helpful tips, some of my own and some I’ve learned from others:

  • Ply the kids with the TV for the day and camp out on the couch. You’re sick. Do what you can to create a comfort haven. Have Goldfish crackers and juice boxes at the ready for them, lots of liquids, soup, crackers, and tissues for you.
  • If you’ve got a daughter old enough with an imagination, let her play “Mama” and have her fetch things for you that you’ll need throughout the day. She’ll love being a Mama’s Little Helper (as long as she’s actually helping you and not getting in the way).
  • Let the kids make forts or dump all the toys in the playroom. It doesn’t matter that they’re making a mess today. Peace and quiet is what you need most. If the kids are playing quietly and you can rest, clean up later, when you’re better.
  • Don’t worry about dinner or laundry or any playdates you might have scheduled. Cancel any plans you had. Your first priority today is getting better.
  • Nap when the little ones are napping! Rest is essential to battling this virus.
  • When hubby gets home, let him know he’s on his own for dinner with the kids. Better yet, have him take the kids out of the house for dinner. Chicken nuggets and fries haven’t killed anyone yet, or else they would have stopped selling them. Tell your husband the kids are all his for the rest of the night.
  • Get yourself into a warm shower, slather on that Vicks Vaporub, put on some cozy PJs and then get into bed.

What makes it a tad more challenging for me when I get sick is that I am not able to take many medicines that help to nip the virus in the butt sooner because of the fertility medications.  I have to stick to everything au natural.  Which I’m not complaining about either because if you take care of yourself well, it’s just as effective as chugging down the Buckleys! Another thing that I have learned is very important pre-sickies is to start (if you’re not already doing so) taking a good multi-vitamin to help boost your immune system, because face it, we don’t get the proper amount of vitamins daily that we really need.  PTPA winner, Adult Essentials, is a great for chewable & tasty vitamins.  They offer the first complete line of gummy vitamins specially designed for adults and are approved natural health products. Another PTPA winner that you want to stock up on as soon as you feel those germs creeping in is Cold-Eeze, a common cold remedy in the form of zinc lozenges that works as a cold treatment, so you stop the cold, not just the symptoms. Until you’re children are old enough to understand and care for themselves temporarily when you’re sick, this well-oiled machine known as Mama needs to do what she can to ensure she can heal quickly to be the best mom for her children.  And let’s not forget that prevention is key! Wash, wash, wash those hands every time you get back in from being outdoors, keep hand sanitizer with you and take a good multi-vitamin!  Be well. Credits:

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