Mom’s Tried & Tested Home Remedies

The one thing that I swear on are home remedies.  My mom has taught me to go natural most times and resort to medicine only when really needed.
We all know of mom’s good old home remedies, and some people swear that they work. But do they really? Or are they just old wives’ tales?
I decided to check out a few common home remedies to find out whether they actually work. I’m not a doctor, so the information I’m giving you is based on info I’ve found on the Internet. I just think it’s interesting to see which ones work and which ones don’t!

Chicken Soup for a Cold
Does chicken soup really help you feel better when you’ve got a cold? Does it help warm you up and feel comfy? Yes it does. And yes, this is one home remedy that works.
study done back in 2009 proves that there is scientific data to back it up. It states that when chicken soup is added to a Petri dish full of inflammatory cells, the ability of these cells to move around and migrate was decreased. These inflammatory cells help fight infection but also cause inflammation which is responsible for some of the uncomfortable symptoms experienced with a cold.
So next time you or your family has a cold, bust out the chicken noodle soup!

Vitamin C To Prevent A Cold
My mom is always telling me to take Vitamin C and give to my family during the winter so we don’t get colds. I always tell her that it won’t really help, but I do it anyways. Does it help?
Maybe. According to the Harvard Health Journal, doctors can’t really decide if it works or not. Harvard Health says that although many studies have been done on the subject, none of these studies were “well designed or conclusive”.
What I do know is that I chug the OJ when I’m sick and I always feel much better.  And this is minus cold meds too!

Coffee for a Hangover
I’ve always heard that a coffee will help with a hangover. Maybe because it will help minimize the headache and the feeling of exhaustion from drinking too much and staying out too late the night before?
No! Don’t pour a cup in the morning to fight off that hangover! One of the main reasons you have a hangover in the first place is dehydration, and coffee is only going to make that worse. What you need to do is get some rest, and drink lots of water. LOTS of water!
Another thing that will help? A banana. Bananas are full of potassium, which is drained from your body when you drink too much.

Salt Water for a Sore Throat
When I was younger, I got sore throats regularly. My mom always told me to gargle with warm salt water (1/4 to 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt in a half cup of warm water).  It did make me feel better, but did it really work.
Yes, this is one you can use. The salt water does provide relief and helps keep infections away.  It will also wash away postnasal drip, which often makes a sore throat worse.

What home remedies do you swear by? I’d love to hear them!

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