Cocktails and Conundrums….

I am both elated and stunned when anyone asks me to write for them…It always shocks me that anyone cares what rolls around up in my slightly twisted brain, let alone put up with my terrible spelling, poor grammar and bloody awful syntax…ok…threw syntax in to impress…I have no clue what that is… Not to mention that sometimes I have the mouth of a sorely trucker…but I usually save that rater R stuff for my own blog… I have been writing for the Fab PTPA now for a while and luv that they they let me write whatever I want…when ever I want…so long as I have a Cocktail recipe in the post somewhere…Those ladies luv their cocktails…My blog here has no real rhyme or reason…I write about whatever strikes me at the time, good , bad or other…But I have decided to give my blog here a purpose, a theme and identity if you will…please help me welcome…


The premise… Voice a Life, parenting, fashion, sex, family…ANY conundrum …things we all deal with or things in the media, any sort of…Would I? Could I? Should I? situation and get some feedback on it…Like MANY others I have an opinion on just about everything…Not always a good one, right one or wanted one…But I always have one. I also love hearing others opinions on things, from my friends, strangers, family…not so much…every opinion…no matter how wrong..;) Provides us with new perspective. Especially if the opinion comes from someone who has been through the same situation…Sharing stories and trials with others is the best way to feel better about things…that and Vodka…so let’s hook them up…After all, there is always a different perspective through the bottom of a glass… There in I will pair a Condundrum with a Cocktail and see where it takes us… Here is my first… If your friends underage teenager posted a pick of their new fake I.D on a social media site…and you saw it…Would you tell ? ……. Let me know what you would do? Have you had this happen? Leave your opinion…!! If you have a Conundrum that needs “Opinionating” and a Cocktail email me at and I will post it up so we can all tell you what WE thing you should do…lol Good , bad or other don’t forget… This is a BE KIND forum only…if you have something Douchey to say…your are not welcome here… Cheers

I.D…I Don’t Colada..

2 ounces Light rum 3 ounces fresh Pineapple Juice 1 ounce  coconut milk 2 cups crushed ice


Place all of the ingredients into a blender. Blend briefly at high speed. Strain into a glass and serve. Garnish with a slice of fresh pineapple or any fresh fruit.

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