March Break on Budget

March Break on Budget By Yes, you can enjoy a fun spring break without breaking the bank or having to do any extensive planning. Here are a few ideas that are both low-cost and low-effort. Be creative and think of more fun and memorable Spring Break ideas that don’t cost a fortune! A few suggestions to get you rolling… Be a Tourist in your own City Since the weather is getting warmer, it’s a great opportunity to take a walking tour of the city of Toronto … we’re talking about touring the town as if you were on holiday in a foreign city. Visit a Conservation Park These types of parks fill up very quickly in the summer. Spring break represents a great opportunity to see some natural treasures without huge summer crowds. Parks are usually within a day’s drive of larger urban areas. Get into the swim of things at an Indoor Water Park It’s a hot trend in family travel and if you can’t afford the overnight stay, go for the day!  Who doesn’t enjoy tall as building speed slides that will send you down a near-vertical or swirly drops. Enjoy everything wet and wild at an indoor waterpark. Check for day pass admissions. Commute to the Nearest City The Road Trip! It’s the quintessential March Break trip idea, and even with the rising cost of gas, it’s still a whole lot less expensive than a vacation. Neighbouring cities can offer some ‘different’ and fun family attractions. Go for a day trip and hit the local museums and attractions. Have a great family dinner. It will feel like you got away. Plan ahead to see memorable roadside attractions. For cheap overnight stays, research hotels before you leave and pile your whole crew into an inexpensive hotel room. And for March Break on the ‘Cheap’, treat yourself and the kids some of these fun affordable activities… Check for special events at the library or your community center. They may have story times or other programs for kids. Registrations fees are nominal or activities may even be free. Go play outside at your local park, or take a dip in your community pool. Let your kids have a sleep-over. Visit grandparents and friends. If you have a little money to splurge, go to a hotel in your town for one night, preferably one with an indoor heated pool. Swimming in the winter can be a real treat for everyone. Go Bowling or visit indoor amusement centres. Tale a trip to the skating rink, or the roller rink. If weather permits, enjoy a picnic at a scenic overlook. Go to the movies and check out a latest release you’ve wanted to see. Or enjoy a movie night at home. Plan a game day. Your kids no doubt have board games they haven’t played with in a while. You can also invite friends to bring their favourite games and join you. Cook something together. Even young kids can help shake sprinkle on cookies or pour a cup of sugar into a bowl. Arts and crafts are fun to do during the break. There are lots of spring craft projects to be found online and in magazines. Kids can start to think about Easter activities. Try: With a little planning ahead, March break can be fun for everyone!

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