March Break Staycation

For those of us who are home the week our kids are on March break we have some thinking to do. There are kids depending on us to entertain them for an entire week without the break of a six hour school day. What is a parent to do? Next week is March break for our daughter and as much as we would love to take them somewhere for vacation it simply isn’t financially possible to take a trip in the middle of March. Instead, we have a staycation – at home and around our neighborhood. There are plenty of activities you can do both indoors and outdoors to ensure everyone has both a memorable and enjoyable March break.

Find something local Use Google to your advantage and look up some fun things that might be going on in your area during the week your kids are off school. Take advantage of your city and visit libraries or museums! Our annual museum membership is still valid so we may just take a visit to one of our favs here in Ottawa!

Get out and get active Getting out with the family can be as simple as going for a walk to a favorite coffee place. We always enjoy walking to Tim Hortons with the kids. Hubby and I enjoy our coffee’s and the kids their donuts. If you are lucky enough to still have cold weather, local sledding hills and skating rinks are a great way to burn off that afternoon energy too. If you don’t have access to an outdoor rink, take the family to a local indoor skating facility or maybe even have a few laps at a local recreational indoor pool!

Go to the movies or bring the movies home Taking the kids out to an early afternoon matinee is always fun, as long as a good family movie is playing. We recently saw the newest kids flick “Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax” which is about the only movie playing that’s suitable for both my kids so we won’t be heading out to the movies but we will be bringing the movies home by renting the latest family release or maybe choose one from NetFlix. Even an afternoon matinee at home is fun, close the curtains and pop some popcorn – entertainment and an afternoon snack!

Take a trip to the craft store Dollar stores are awesome when it comes to finding arts and crafts supplies. Kids can pick out their own supplies (within reason) – perfect for using their imaginations to make some March break creations.

Enjoy March break These are just some examples of what to do when the kids are off for March break but if you are fortunate enough to be able to spend March break at home – make sure to spend it as a family and cherish every moment. March break to us is more about having time off from school, its about the time we spend together and the memories in the making.

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